How to Easily Clean White Converse Shoes at Home

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  1. I use this on red wine, chocolate, ball point pen ink, grass stains, any food stain and anything else with a stain. It has never failed me.

    You need
    An old toothbrush
    Small container. I use the plastic cap from a wide mouth pill bottle
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Baking soda
    Blue Dawn dishwashing detergent
    Small amount of water. This next part is nonspecific.

    I’d start with the bottle about 1/3 full of the baking soda. Drip 5 or more drops of Dawn into the cap. Use your toothbrush to mix it into a thick paste then add enough peroxide to form a syrup.

    Use the toothbrush to apply a generous amount of the mixture to the stain. Wait about 15 minutes and wash as usual. For carpet and other items you don’t put into the machine just wait until it is dry ant then you can vacuumed it up. I used it first on my daughter’s white ski jacket. It had a mystery spot all over the front. I tried washing it with no result. So I used my new BF and after 3 treatments it is totally gone

    I learned this works
    The stain can be an old unknown
    Because nothing is exact you can leave you r item until the next day and wash it then. I would do a spot test to make sure it doesn’t remove the color of your item. If you have left over spot remover just put your little plastic cap into the washer with the rest of the laundry.

    Remember, if it is that badly stained you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My daughter gained a beautiful, white ski outfit.

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