Honey and Cinnamon – A Simple Weight Loss Solution from Your Kitchen

In the sea full with natural weight loss recipes, honey and cinnamon mixture arguably is one of the top five or ten best mixtures. The beauty of the mixture is that it is simple to prepare, and aside from helping you with weight loss, carries a ton of other health benefits.

Additionally, some people say that honey and cinnamon mixture improves their sex drive. For those counting at home, that is weight loss, better health and better sex life, or three ingredients for a happy life. Individually, both honey and cinnamon are extremely beneficial and healthy. Mix them together, and you get a healthy injection.

Benefits of honey

The first question people have when you mention honey and weight loss in a same sentence is isn’t honey a type of sugar? Well, that is just partly true. Honey does contain sugar, but raw honey also contains beneficial vitamins and minerals. Refined sugar, on the other hand, contains only empty calories.

Honey, on the other hand, carries tons of vitamins and minerals that our body uses to dissolve cholesterol and fats. Consuming refined sugar not only does it bring empty calories to your body, but you also gain weight from the lack of vitamins. Honey, on the other hand, provides healthy nutrients, boosts the metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process.

Benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is among the healthiest ingredients that carry the most benefits for weight loss. Cinnamon controls insulin levels, decreases the amount of blood sugar in your boy, speeds up your metabolism, lowers the bad LDL cholesterol, burns fat around the belly, and suppresses appetite. But what is most important is that cinnamon controls blood sugar levels, which is the most important aspect when you are trying to lose weight.

How to prepare the honey and cinnamon mixture?

For a single serving, you need teaspoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of honey and one cup of water. However, if you want to prepare a larger dose and have it stored, you want ratio of 1 part cinnamon and two parts honey. Make sure that you use filtered water. Put the cinnamon in a bowl and boil the water. Pour the hot water and leave it over the cinnamon for 15 minutes. After the liquid is cooled down, add the honey part. Never add honey to hot liquid, as the hotness will destroy the natural and healthy enzymes of raw honey. Drink the mixture on an empty stomach.

When to consume honey and cinnamon mixture?

There are four critical periods in the day when you absolutely want little of that honey and cinnamon mixture. All of those four periods carry certain benefits. Here are those.

Take a spoon of the mixture in the morning, just after you wake up. After 30 minutes, have a breakfast. Eating healthy and right in the morning ensures that you set the tone for the day, and you have the energy to get through the day. Honey and cinnamon mixture rejuvenates your digestive system, speeds up your metabolism and gives you energy boost.

The period in between meals is one of the hardest to survive when we are on a diet and trying to lose weight. During this period, we often tend to reach and grab some unhealthy snack just so we can survive until lunch or dinner. Cinnamon and honey help you suppress your appetite, feel full and lessen you appetite until the main meal. Instead of an unhealthy snack, grab a spoon of the mixture between meals.

Usually, every diet is accompanied by an aerobic or strength workout. Aside from stretching before a workout, getting enough energy from food to last is the most important preparation for your workout. Honey and cinnamon ensure you have enough energy, and that you do not feel drained after your workout. Get one spoon at least 30 minutes before the workout, or one hour if you can last that long.

The period after dinner, and just before bedtime is another crucial and critical period of the day when you are losing weight. Often, if we have weak dinner, we tend to grab some late night snack in order to be able to sleep. Midnight trips to the fridge are also common with people who are not full when they go to bed. Honey and cinnamon solves that problem as the mixture curbs the nighttime cravings.

Honey and Cinnamon – A Simple Weight Loss Solution from Your Kitchen

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