The Insane Number Of Punches Landed During Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega

The moment we’ve been waiting for isn’t short of what we’ve been expecting to happen, in fact, it’s much more than that. 

Max Holloway was pulled out of three consecutive UFC events due to medical issues. After more than a year, ‘Blessed’ has finally proven that he is the greatest featherweight fighter on the planet, wrecking Brian Ortega on Saturday night while breaking world MMA records.


Almost 20,000 members of the audience witnessed one of UFC’s most heart-stopping fights as Holloway and Ortega waged war against each other at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada.

The Hawaiian fighter cemented his name atop the featherweight pyramid after defeating ‘T-City’ via doctor’s stoppage in the fourth round of their UFC 231 headliner. Not only did the 27-year-old retain his title, but he also broke numerous world mixed martial arts records.

Combined with Ortega (110), the UFC 231 main event landed 400 significant strikes, a new single-fight UFC record, breaking the Diaz vs Cerrone (334) numbers at UFC 141.

In fact, ‘Blessed’ landed 134 significant strikes in the fourth round alone, the most number of strikes landed by a UFC fighter in a single round. This numbers made him the UFC fighter with the most 




Round 1:
Holloway – 40 of 84 – 47%
Ortega – 19 of 65 – 29%

Round 2:
Holloway – 66 of 126 – 52%
Ortega – 33 of 92 – 35%

Round 3:
Holloway – 50 of 84 – 59%
Ortega – 30 of 81 – 37%

Round 4:
Holloway – 134 of 196 – 68%
Ortega – 28 of 54 – 51%

Total Significant Strikes:
Holloway – 290 of 490 – 59%
Ortega – 110 of 292 – 37%

The Insane Number Of Punches Landed During Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega
Source: Instagram/Kuanysh Nurmagambetov

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/BlessedMMA and Instagram/Kuanysh Nurmagambetov

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