Bystander Stops Homeless Man’s Unprovoked Attack With Flying MMA Kick

    Bystander Stops Homeless Man's Unprovoked Attack With Flying MMA Kick
    A homeless man tried to attack a dog walker in Los Angeles. (Photo: Fox)

    There is a dramatic rise in the number of homeless people in the past five years. When we see a homeless person, our minds are telling us to extend a hand to them. After all, one of our primary duties as human beings is to help those who are in need.

    But what if a homeless man is a violent one? Of course, you would refuse to offer help. But would you take him down?

    In this video, a guy used a flying kick to take down a homeless man who attempted to attack a dog walker with a piece of wood. The counterattack came just in the nick of time to save the dog walker from any harm.

    Bystander Stops Homeless Man's Unprovoked Attack With Flying MMA Kick
    A bystander gave a homeless man a vicious flying kick. (Photo: YouTube/Fox)

    Coming Out of Nowhere

    While a man was walking down his dog in the street in Los Angeles, a homeless guy tried to stage an unprovoked attack. Using a piece of plywood with a nail in it, he attempted to hit the man with his weapon straight into his face.

    But in a good turn of events, a bystander saw the situation and came to the rescue. He immediately rushed towards the homeless guy and used a flying kick to prevent the attack.

    The brave act was recorded in a surveillance camera. It also caught the attention of other people who were in the same area. Several men joined the good Samaritan in an intense chase.

    Bystander Stops Homeless Man's Unprovoked Attack With Flying MMA Kick
    A resident joined several men in chasing the violent homeless man. (Photo: Youtube/Fox)

    Double Whammy for the Transient

    After the bystander knocked him down with a flying kick, several men chased him down the street.  He ended up with their hands and suffered a good beating.

    Area resident Corey Smith told the transient that it was a citizen arrest and that cops were on its way to put him in the proper place. But the homeless man came up with an infuriating response.

    “I told him, ‘you know you’re going to jail, this is a citizens arrest, don’t move, the cops are coming. He turned around and said ‘f**k you, get out of the way’ and turned to take off and one of the gentlemen I was with tackled him.”

    The tackle sent him down the pavement with his face first and blooded started to run over his face. After that, the authorities arrested the assailant but refused to give his identity.

    Watch the bystander’s timely flying kick in the video below:

    In the end, the evil act did not prevail! Thanks to the heroics of the bystander in LA.


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