“The Hulk” Guy KO’s Four Bouncers in a Night Club

    We’ve all been there before: out on the town, the drinks are flowing and you’re having fun with ya friends when all of a sudden and for no goddamn reason (honestly, no fu*king reason, I wasn’t doing anything!) a bouncer takes an instant dislike to you and kicks you out of the bar/club.

    It’s annoying as sh*t and makes you wanna throw hands at the said bouncer. But that’s never a good idea: they’re usually built like brick sh*thouses, completely sober, trained in at least one martial art, and itching for a fight.

    "The Hulk" Guy KO’s Four Bouncers in a Night Club
    This guy immediately and completely fu*king hates you for some reason

    The best thing to do is just walk away and throw a few choice insults at the neanderthal from a safe distance. That’s what I’d do, anyway.

    Not the dude in this clip, though: he appears keen on insulting the bouncers right in their stupid faces. The first part of what he yells at one of them is slurred an inaudible but he finishes off his challenge with “Get you found out like a pussy!”

    This nonsensical threat seems to have touched a nerve with one of the bouncers, however, so he approaches Tubby Tyson and warns him to “Be respectful.”

    "The Hulk" Guy KO’s Four Bouncers in a Night Club
    Taking on a drunken guy who’s the size of a tank. What could go wrong?

    His advice is a little strange, considering the fact that he follows it up with a fu*king headbutt! That kicks things off and sends Tubby Tyson into the seek-and-destroy mode.

    He starts winging wild haymakers at the bouncers and, one after another, they find their mark and knock these hapless dudes the fu*k out.

    This guy is an absolute savage: he doesn’t mind taking a shot to land a shot either because, clearly, the shots he lands are doing a hell of a lot more damage than the shots he takes.

    The clip ends with the dude whipping off his Hawaiian shirt (which is funny in itself – this guy is dressed for vacation while everyone else is covered up) and basking in the glory of his destruction. Goddamn that was brutal!

    "The Hulk" Guy KO’s Four Bouncers in a Night Club
    This is basically those two squaring off against each other…

    Watch the savage clip here!

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