Team Gustafsson Reacts To Jon Jones’ Positive UFC 232 Test

For sure, Jon Jones testing positive of Turinabol metabolites again isn’t surprising news. However, having it resulted from his UFC 232 in-competition examination pisses Alexander Gustafsson’s team out. 

A month after Jones 

Doesn’t Matter

Despite his obvious win over the second-ranked light heavyweight, the 205-lb. champ is being doubted for testing positive of recurring elements before and after the match. In fact, he’s still undergoing Nevada State Athletic Commission’s prosecution for an initial case in 2017.


Before their much-anticipated rematch, Gustafsson initially said that the controversies over Jones’ alleged steroid use don’t bother him at all. In fact, he’s giving him permission to juice before the fight.



However, tables have turned upside down after Gustafsson’s manager expressed disappointment over the results. Nima Safapour questioned the UFC’s rules on a fighter’s legitimacy following a failed drug test via MMA Fighting.

“The inconclusive and inconsistent results that are repeatedly occurring with Jon Jones, at the very least, should compel our industry to have a greater, deeper, and more impartial discussion about the legitimacy of Jon’s defence.”

“Jon has gone out publicly boasting when some of his results come back negative. However, he remains silent when his test results come back positive. You can not have it both ways and cherry-pick the results that are favourable for you, and insist that we disregard the results that go against your interests.”

Team Gustafsson Reacts To Jon Jones' Positive UFC 232 Test

Use Exemption

The CSAC said they will not be taking any disciplinary action since there’s no direct evidence of re-administering a banned substance. Despite this, Safapour thinks it’s an absolute mess for Jones to be repeatedly testing positive of steroid traces.

“Jon has essentially received a use exemption on a strict liability violation. The science is not certain on the defence he has taken. Furthermore, science is always in a state of change. So the science we rely on today is different than the science we relied on from just a few years ago.”

“It will probably change again going forward. Jones is also creating a precedent that will go beyond his personal interests in the sense that now other fighters will also seek use exemptions on a strict liability violation based on an issue that the science community is still divided on. It’s an absolute mess.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Alexander Gustafsson and Youtube/UFC

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