Georges St-Pierre Reacts To Nate Diaz Challenging Him To Fight Nick Diaz In Rematch

Mixed martial arts legend and former UFC champion, Georges St-Pierre has responded to calls for a rematch with an old rival, Nick Diaz.

St-Pierre, who is considered by many as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, has decided to hang up his four-ounce gloves for good, announcing his official retirement at a press conference at Bell Centre in Montreal on Thursday.

A former welterweight and middleweight titlist, St-Pierre last saw actions at UFC 217, defeating Michael Bisping for the 185-pound championship in his much-awaited return from a four-year hiatus.

‘Rush’ then vacated the middleweight throne after being diagnosed with an inflammatory disease affecting the large bowel called ulcerative colitis.

The 37-year old legend collected 26 wins and two losses in his 15-year MMA career while holding the best record in UFC history for most wins in title bouts and the second longest combined title streak.

He also holds notable victories against Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Dan Hardy, and many others.

Last Saturday, when Nate Diaz made a triumphant return to MMA, he urged the Canadian fighter to come out of retirement and face his older brother in a re-run of their UFC 158 bout.


Moments after Nate’s victory over Anthony Pettis, he called GSP a ‘scary-ass’ and called him out to a fight against his brother Nick.

“Georges St-Pierre is a scary-ass. I am not trying to pick on some guy who has done and over with, But If he still gonna fight ever, he and Nick should step up in the game and get it done like it’s supposed to be done.”

It did not take long before GSP responded to this callout.

He praised Nate for an impressive performance at UFC 241 before shutting down any chances of a rematch with Nick.

“I think this guy’s gonna hate me until the day I die. It’s unbelievable,” St-Pierre said in an interview with Chael Sonnen, per

“I know he doesn’t like me, and he looks to get me all the time. But, I genuinely like the guy. I’m telling you the truth.”

Not Worth It

GSP told Sonnen that he has no plans of coming out retirement, that is why the rematch with Nick will never happen despite a potential clash of different personalities.

“I don’t know what to say… he’s one of my biggest adversaries. Even if we only fought once, we are very different personalities. I think that’s why the clash of the personalities makes it very interesting.”

“But I’m retired now, I don’t want to go back and fight.”

He then explained that he would not gain anything from the fight as the risk would be more significant than the reward.

“I don’t want to fight his brother, Nick Diaz, it’s not interesting for me. There’s nothing I can gain from that. The risk is not worth the reward.”

“There’s nothing good that can come out of it, even if I win. I think the odds will favour me and expect me to win, and if I lose it will be a complete disaster.”

“I don’t want to put myself into another training camp and make all the sacrifices of a three-month training camp for that type of fight. It’s not worth it for me.”

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Georges St-Pierre and YouTube/UFC)

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