Good news: You Can Eat Pizza, and Still Lose Weight

If you believe in science, and we know it is a big part of our life, eating pizza can actually help you lose weight. We know, we know. You are probably wondering how a slice of pizza, packed with calories, can help you lose weight? Well, it all comes down to how you eat pizza and managing your pizza weight.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think pizza has all of a sudden become one of the healthiest meals on the planet. No, that is not the case.

However, a recent study showed that if you allow yourself a day of indulgence once per week, you are more likely to stick to your diet’s plan. So, what is the catch?

How pizza helps you lose weight?

Good news: You Can Eat Pizza, and Still Lose Weight

The study was published in Men’s health, and it proves that having a cheat day is great for your long-term plan of losing weight.

The idea is that after two weeks of dieting, one day of indulgence into whatever you like is the goal to success. The chosen day is Sunday, and you could eat whatever you like, be it pizza, a hamburger, or anything else. Given that pizza is one of the most popular fast food options in the USA, we will not be surprised most participants chose pizza to get their motivation up throughout the week.

So, what you know now is that a little indulgence never hurts. And it gives you something to look forward as you are sticking to a rather strict diet throughout the week. However, there is another catch. It is important that you designate a specific day for your “cheat meal”. The key is to plan ahead, and choose a specific day for the not-so-healthy foods and rule-breaking. You cannot give in to the spur of the moment. That will make you feel like you blew up your diet, and it will make you more likely to abandon it.

Proof that the pizza diet works

If you need any more proof that a pizza diet works, and that you can lose pizza weight, look no further than a chef. One chef in New York City took it to the extreme to test the theory that pizza helps you lose weight. And what do you know, he lost more than 100 pounds. He ate only pizza for lunch every day.

However, there is a catch there as well. While pizza gets a bad reputation for being unhealthy food, the chef decided to change the narrative. He used only fresh ingredients, which allowed him to control sodium, carbs, and fat content of the pizza. He prepared a fresh and delicious Margherita pizza. It is a rather simple recipe, but it is one native to Italy and Naples. The typical Neapolitan pizza is made of fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella, salt, and some extra-virgin olive oil.

He says that his pizza is something coming out of the Mediterranean diet, and we all know that the Mediterranean diet is known for helping you lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Video courtesy of Good Morning America.

Healthy Pizza Dough Recipe

Good news: You Can Eat Pizza, and Still Lose Weight

Being that we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, let’s take a look at one easy way to prepare the healthy pizza dough. We leave the toppings up to you, but here is the dough recipe.


– 1 tablespoon of sugar

– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 1 cup water, heated to 110 degrees

– 2 teaspoons of rapid-rise or instant yeast

– 2 cups white whole wheat flour

– 1 teaspoon of sea salt

– ¼ cup of grated Parmesan cheese

How to do it?

  1. Mix all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl until they are blended together
  2. Take the dough out of the bowl, and knead it on a floured surface for 5 to 10 minutes. Add a little more flour if it is sticky

3. Form a pizza shape, brush with olive oil, add toppings of your preference, and put it into the oven. Cook for 10 minutes at 450F.

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