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18 Delightful Ways To Give New Life To Old Toys

If you ask most people, they will tell you there are only 2 things you can do with old toys. The first one is to store them somewhere where they will never again see the light of day. We just keep them stored and useless in an attic or boxes around. The second is to donate them to a charity.

And while the latter is very noble, there is also a third option. And that is to recycle and reuse the toys. You can do whatever you want with the recycled toys, be it donate, or use it for your own. But my goal today is to share with you some ideas how you can give new life to old toys. Here are some tips and tricks for recycling and re-using old toys.

These tricks will keep your favorite toys with sentimental value around.

1. Xylophone Wind Chime 

I am sure almost anyone of you had a xylophone when he was a child. I know I had. It was one of the first times we encountered music production. We all loved to play with the xylophone and produce weird sounds. But as you grow older, you just outgrow the xylophone. Well, you can still use it as a decoration. And it will still produce some of those funky sounds.

2. Lego Utensil Holder Or Fruit Bowl

Is there someone who didn’t love LEGO? Same as the xylophone, legos were a staple. And they are still some of the most popular toys. You can do a number of things with legos. And I must say, fruit bowl is one of the most unconventional Lego building you’ll see.

3. Dinosaur Bookends 

While the first two ideas were more of a practical manner, let’s take a look at some decorative aspects as well. Dinosaurs, the creatures we loved as children, were available in a number of toys. Thanks to Jurassic Park, almost all of us had a dinosaur at home in one way or another. Well, those dinosaurs can come in handy when you want to keep your books organized.

4. Decorative Wine Stopper

Another decorative piece you can find is wine stopper. A number of toys can serve this purpose. It is up to you to find one that will fit your character.

5. Clever Framed Art

From all those scramble letters you can create a magical art piece. And not just from scramble. You can use almost any miniature toy you can find in your home. Just look at the cow and hot it fits seamlessly with the message.

6. Animal Confetti Globes 

The tricks and tips for recycling old toys fall in two categories: decorative and practical. This one falls into the first category. You can enrich your home and breathe some new life with toy decorations. The best part about toys is they are colorful and lively.

7. Animal Plant Picks 

Animals fit seamlessly with your plants. And all of those animals you probably have as toys will come in handy for enriching your garden. Just turn them into sticks, and you garden will look that much more beautiful.

8. Drawer Handles 

As you can see, animals are vastly versatile when it comes to home decorations. We had them as plant sticks, and now we have them as drawer handles. And while this trick requires a bit more handy work, your drawer will look unique. Suffice to say, you cannot find these handles at the furniture store.

9. Truck Lamp 

Ah that fire truck. I remember how much fun we had with it. Even today, most of the toy sets incorporate a fire truck. And if you like to find some handy usage for the truck, you can turn it into a one-of-a-time lamp.

10. Animal Key Chain

What can I say, I love animals. I always loved animals, even when I was a child. Animals are part of our society as much as humans. And animal toys are some of the most popular toys this side of Lego. Another usage for the animals from your child farm is to turn them into key chains. This way, you will have easier time finding your key in your bag.

11. Toy Car Storage Jar

You can say this is a toy for the toys. You can use the box to store all the cars you have flying around. If you are a parent now, you know how cars can get irritating. You can step on one at any given moment. Save yourself some trouble and pain by storing cars in a box.

12. Playmobil Clock 

When you let your imagination loose and free, good things happen. I must say that I have rarely seen as creative clock as this one. All you need is a cardboard, and some people from the playmobil series.

13. Dinosaur Corn Holder

We all know that children have troubles eating vegetables. They are not as fond of vegetables as they are of candies and sweets. Well, one way to make your children eat veggies is to make it fun. And what is more fun than a dinosaur holding your corn?

14. Succulent Toy Truck Planter

When you think about it, trucks are part of gardening essentials. It is only logical that we use one truck in our garden as a planter. Right?

15. Animal Wall Hooks

I wanted to say early on that I will stop posting animal ideas. But I just cannot help myself. Just look at how many practical usages we found for our animals? Isn’t that wonderful?

16. Action Figure Lamp

The best part about recycling and re-using your toys is you always end up with a unique product. There is absolutely no way you find a lamp like this one in a furniture store. And for those that still want to cherish their child spirit, the action figure lamp is dream come true.

17. Brush Holder

I said early on that children do not like to eat veggies as much. They also do not like brushing their teeth. I remember when I was a child, it was a struggle to get me brush my teeth. Same as with veggies, you need to make everything fun and a game. The animal brush holder will help you get there. Children love animals, and you can come up with a story making brushing teeth as fun as ever.

18. Troll Succulent Planter

It is only logical that we finish off this list with one of the most popular toys of all time: the troll. I know you had one. And I am sure your children have one as well. There is no escaping the troll. And unlike troll users on the internet, this troll makes everything better, including your garden.

With that in mind, I leave you here. I hope you had some fun. And if you have any more ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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