WATCH: Ghetto Version Of Israel Adesanya vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Saturday night was filled with MMA extravaganza. 

The UFC 236 pay-per-view event brought the fireworks, much to the delight of the fans.

One of the most applauded battles in the fight card was the co-main event bout, with Israel Adesanya and Kelvin Gastelum locking horns for the interim middleweight championship.

The middleweight pair lived up to expectations as they tussled in a thrilling five-round contest, which kept fans on the edge of their seats for 25 minutes.

Gastelum started strong and kept his opponent at bay early in the first. But Adesanya was able to find his bearings in the next round.

It was a back and forth affair until the final bell, making a strong case for the Fight of the Year recognition or is it?

While the Adesanya vs Gastelum fight was no doubt an instant classic, another MMA fight in Brazil will surely give the UFC 236 c0-headliner  a run for its money.


Favela Kombat, an MMA organization in Brazil, held its own MMA festivities on Saturday night.

Headlining the 12-fight event was a flyweight title fight featuring Felipe Soares and Rodrigo Marinho.

But one of the scene stealers was an intriguing matchup between the 6-foot-7-inch Savio took on 5-foot-4 Celso in the preliminary card.

The fight did not get much attention from the MMA world until actions from ones of its rounds circulated online, with some fans seeing a resemblance from the Adesanya vs Gastelum fight.

Just like Adesanya, Savio had a reach advantage over his opponent being a lanky fighter while Celso banked on his power and skillsets.

The fourth round of their featherweight showdown was uploaded on Reddit, describing it as the MMA “round with the most high level of action this weekend.” 

Watch the video below and enjoy some great MMA actions:

[Favela Kombat 31] Round 4 of Celso (5’4") vs Savio (6’7") for the featherweight division. The round with most high level action this weekend. from MMA

Fans React  To The Ghetto Version of Adesanya Vs Gastelum Fight

With his reach advantage, Savio had an easy time throwing kicks and punches. The problem was he could not finish his opponent because of his lack of power.

Celso, on the other hand, needed to bring the fight closer to be able to land his shots. But when he did, Savio obviously absorbed some damage.

Still, fans found it very entertaining.

Here’s how MMA fans reacted to the fight:

“Gutted I wasted my time watching Israel and Kelvin when I could have tuned into this instead.”

“I’m taking the guy with grown man strength.”

“One body shot and long boi is dead.”

“You can tell we’re dealing with a high-level organization here, folks.”

How’s the weight cut going? Yeah good, just off to donate some more bone marrow now.”

“I’m just glad stuff like this still exists out there and that the Internet has made it easy for me to watch it.”

What do you think of this David vs Goliath matchup? Let us know in the comment section below.

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