WATCH: Tyson Fury Goes Ballistic In Final Wilder Staredown

Emotions ran high on Wednesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as both fighters embroiled in a heated verbal joust in the final press conference for the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury heavyweight title fight.

What was expected as a build-up to their fight this Saturday turned into 60 seconds of mayhem, which saw ‘The Gypsy King’ going berserk and removing his shirt in an attempt to scare his rival and his camp.


The Fury vs Wilder showdown is being dubbed as the boxing fight of the year and the biggest heavyweight fight on US soil since the Lewis vs Klitschko bout in 2003. With so much at stake, both heavyweight stars have promised to deliver a knockout this Saturday during the final build-up in Los Angeles. (Transcript from BBC)

“I stand as more than a champion – an ambassador for mental health. I am the people’s champion. I am not just fighting for me, I have millions of people that look up to me. I’ve heard a lot of people say Wilder by KO or Fury by points. I am telling you now, Wilder is getting knocked out,” said Fury.

But Wilder, who has been unbeaten in 40 outings, stressed that there is no stopping him from winning the contest as his challenger had his moment three years ago when he won the WBC heavyweight belt against Klitschko.

“This is a moment I have waited for my entire career. This is the time, my time. Fury has had his window. Now I am here. I’ll be damned if I come and let a man from another country come and upset what I have built. He says he will knock me out but I don’t believe he will have the confidence. He speaks it but doesn’t believe it. When I say it you can believe it, my numbers don’t lie. I will knock Tyson Fury out.”


Following their opening speeches, the 30-year old Briton aimed at Wilder’s lack of popularity in his home soil despite his achievements in his boxing career. Wilder boasted an unblemished 40-0 win-loss record, with 39 of those were won via knockout. He is also the first world heavyweight champion from the US in nine years.

“On Saturday night the whole world will know him as the person who Fury knocked out. Up until he had 30 fights, he was reserved. This swagger is not genuine, it’s fake – a snide and a fraud. I look at him and don’t see a bad man, I see a pretender.”

‘The Bronze Bomber’ tried to stay composed but when Fury shouted in his face during the face-off, Wilder lost his cool. A minute of verbal warfare and then a shoving incident broke out, with an irate Fury seen taking off his shirt as he tried to impose his will. Watch the scene in the video below:

 “I took my shirt off to get involved and frightened them all away. Everyone thinks the rivalry is fake but they can guess again as it nearly went off again. Wilder thought he needed to spit in my face or whatever he was doing, shouting. He feels pressured, you can see the pressure he is under out there,” claimed Fury.

(Featured Image Source: Koncrete Jungle/YouTube)

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