35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made


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In the past few years, a popular trend has emerged at graduation parties. Yes, we are talking about graduation caps and their decorations. In a way to say goodbye to their learning and education days, graduates are showing their thoughts on college in funny, creative and epic ways.

That being said, we can say for sure that decorating graduation caps has become a sort of a tradition. Check some of the best and funniest ideas.

1. Knowing Whom To Thank

Without the help of mom and dad, no grad student can graduate. But the one that really makes a difference is Google, and Red Bull, of course. There is a saying among students, one that we use in the past years “If Google doesn’t know it, nobody does”.

2. To The Future

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: thechive.com

Kudos for students honoring Back to the Future, Doc and Marty. Truth be told, not all of us end up somewhere where we don’t need roads, but hey!

3. No Need For Gold

One of the stereotypes in our society is that women are “gold diggers”, finding a suitable mate with money to pay for everything. Well, some girls are ambitious enough to take care of themselves, and smart enough to find a way to do it.

4. You Sure Is

Just a funny way to show the world you are now a graduate. Congratulations!

5. That Big Brain

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Some people graduate thanks to their big brain, some thanks to their crafty ways. This guy, likes to think that he had a big brain. Let him have it!

6. The Fresh Farewell

Another popular TV show that featured grad students is the Prince of Bel Air. With Will Smith in the main role, generations and generations got their first taste of teen comedy thanks to the show.

7. Too Much Coffee

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: instagram.com

When you spend hours and hours preparing for an exam, your best friends are coffee and energy drinks. It comes down to your preferences, and we know this girl loves coffee.

8. Ah, Those Late Nights

Many grad students complain that they spend many sleepless nights in their goal to graduate. Well, why not honor that when you finally get to the finish line. Have a nice flight from here on.

9. Let The Games Begin

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: imgur.com

A huge aspect of education in America are student loans. The system works in a way that the government borrows you money so that you can pay for education, but you have to pay back once you graduate. In a bittersweet ending, once you graduate, now you really need to focus on making money to pay your loans.

10. All That B.S.

The reason many of us go to college is to get the proper education so we can find a job that will help us achieve our dreams. Nobody studies just for the fun of studying. Better education – higher paid job, that has been the premise for years.

11. So Much Debt In One Place

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: 9gag.com

Joking with the debt again, at least we know these students are politically educated enough so they know what is coming for them. Just for info, according to latest studies, the student loan in America is between $900 billion and $1 trillion.

12. No More Unknown, Only Perhaps

They say the journey begins once you finish college. Well, we know this guy will find out. Whether it is true or not, at least he will give his best.

13. Never Too Early To Ask

Our parents always say that once you finish college education, you will find a job easily. So, why not start the job searching process from the day you graduate.

14. The Job-Seeking Game Begins

The common theme for graduation caps is employment. Many of the students are well aware that without a job, they won’t be able to pay off their student loan. The more creative the cap, the easier it is to find a job.

15. The Graduate-Man

Some believe you need to be a superhero to finish college. And just a reminder, Spider-man was in college during the comics.

16. Done With Studying?

Some people study their entire life, some stop studying after their college graduation. We all know in which group this guy belongs to.

17. Whine About It

I love wordplay, in any form, at any place. We don’t know if this guy drank a lot of wine during his college days, or actually “whined” about it, but his creativity is off the charts.

18. No Worries For The Rest Of Your Days

Actually, the worries start just about the moment you finish college. But we will let him have his fun for the day. But if you think that once you finish college, your worries stop, you haven’t been paying attention.

19. At Last, A Jedi Master They Become

Oh Star Wars, how would the world look without you? The Star Wars franchise is so deeply installed in our culture and sub-culture, that you always find that one person who will refer Star Wars. No matter the situation.

20. The Wait Is Over

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: imgur.com

One door closes, and another one opens. The wait for graduation might be over, but a new wait begins. A wait for job, a wait for marriage, a wait for kids and so on. Not to judge if someone doesn’t want to get married.

21. Early Advertising

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: cosca.org

Some students look for a job instantly they finish college, some believe that their job in this world is over. Thank God we have students who know that their life is just beginning.

22. The Love Of Pizza

Coffee and pizza. And lots of it. Without pizza, and some other junk foods for quick snack, I believe it is impossible to finish college. It is only fair that we pay our dues to the ones that helped us through college.

23. Good Luck, Freshmen

The other side is calling you. Do you know what is on that other side? No? Well, you will soon find out! Your mom and dad know for sure.

24. Ever The Psychiatrist

I love the “How does that make you feel” question. We tend to think that is the only question psychiatrist asks, but it is far from the truth. In any case, it is fun poking at it.

25. The Pokemon Master

With Pokemon Go now out, it is hard to imagine a world without pokemons in it. Like, everyone is trying to catch the next pokemon, and become the pokemon master.

26. Well, When You Sum Up All The Expenses…

Harsh truth, but getting a college degree is not cheap. And we are not talking only about the money. Count the hours of studying, the sweat, the challenges, and everything else in, and you’ve got a price that will shock you.

27. It Took Only Five Years, But…

Some people just can’t wait for college to be over. Some take four years, some take five years, some take even more to get it done. But in the end, most of us finish college. Thank God it is over, right?

28. Dreaming Of A Job

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing. If you dream, you can achieve. One day, we will live in a world where everyone is employed. For now, be happy if you are employed.

29. It Was A Breeze

For some people, college is the easiest thing in the world. Some struggle, some float on. But as we know, we are all different people.

30. The Portal Graduates

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: imgur.com

For those of you struggling to understand the cap, the reference is to the video game Portal, developed in 2007 by Valve Corporation. The first person puzzle-game was an instant hit when it the stores.

31. Graduating Disney Style

We all have that Disney princess and prince hiding deep inside. It is just a matter of time when we decide to let the princess out.

32. Someone Thinks Poorly Of Others

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

It might be rude to say it, but when you graduate, you think that those without a college degree, or those next to you, are just plain stupid. Hey, some of think high of themselves. Let them be.

33. When The Prize Seems So Anticlimactic

If you expected a better prize, you haven’t been paying attention. But don’t worry, there will be a better prize down the road. Just keep working!

34. The Die-Hard Potter Fan

You just cannot do a list of college graduation caps without some good old Harry Potter magic in there. Everyone is a fan of Harry these days.

35. Evil Overlord Detected

Someone needs to tell this guy that world domination is possible even without a college degree. But the best type of domination is being smart and intelligent enough to make people think they are acting on their own. In reality, someone else is pulling the strings, and if you can be the one, Great!

36. Good Luck

This has to be one of the best and most genuine wish I’ve seen. You can use this quote for birthday cards as well.

37. The Wiz

Another graduation cap, another wizard reference. You understand now how much Harry Potter has influenced our lives?

38. You Did It

Congratulations, even Nike will be happy to tell you that you’ve graduated. No more “Just do it”, you actually “Did it”!

39. Punny Girl

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: imgur.com

Even Dinos admit you are clever. Now that must have been an achievement of a lifetime.

40. What Will Happen After Graduation

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: flickr.com

No, this is not a game. It is only beer pong, something college students excel at. Have you ever tried it?

41. Those Who Like Science Would Understand

Well, I am not going to spoil the fun for those that don’t understand science much. But it is easy. Just ask yourself, what is a graduated cylinder?

42. She Wanted The D

Shame on you perverts. How many of you had dirty thoughts about the “D”? Be honest now, common!

43. Move It Along

I don’t know who Felicia is, but does it matter? She might be some teacher, she might be some other student. It is just cute and adorable that this student decided to honor her on graduation day.

44. That’s One Problem Down

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Good job girl. Now go out and handle those other 99 problems. I am sure you can do it!

45. Every Degree Counts

And yes, pun intended! Smart, witty, and intelligent people are sexy. Big Bang Theory showed us all that “smart is the new sexy”.

46. The Motivator

This Myles Parrish guy has to be some smart dude. Right? Yea, he is a singer, but he finds a way to motivate students with his songs. Good for him!

47. Time For Some Adventure

Now that this graduation things is over, it is time to go on an adventure. We don’t know where will life takes us, but we are eager to find out. Scream “I am going on an adventure”!

48. There’s Some Chemistry There

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

Photo: imgur.com

Some people love to show how smart they are. I have no problem with them. I love to show that I am smarter than the others at times as well.

49. The Only Way To Achieve Your Dreams

You go girl. Show the world it is hard to get a college degree, and you really need to work for it. Nobody will give you one for free.

50. Your Weapon In The World Of Job-Seeking

Not that you must have a degree to get a job. But it really helps. Every little weapon helps, and a degree is a welcome addition to your arsenal.

51. Free From School

I must say, Dobby was one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter saga. I know many other fans loved him, he was such a lovable character.

52. Now, That’s A Good Question

35+ Most Honest, Yet Funny Graduation Caps Ever Made

It is only appropriate that we finish off this list with the question every student has on his mind after he graduates. What is the next step? We will let you find out.

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