Ohio Burger King Offers a Lifetime of Free Cheeseburgers To a Terminally Ill Dog

Ohio Burger King Offers a Lifetime of Free Cheeseburgers To a Terminally Ill Dog
This lucky but not so lucky dog got a lifetime treat from Burger King. (Source: Twitter/Karch)

Ohio Burger King offered this dog free cheeseburgers for the rest of his life after learning that he’s terminally ill.

Cody, a terminally ill dog, will be getting all his well-deserved cheeseburgers for as long as he lives – thanks to the Burger King on Alexis Road in Toledo, Ohio.

The owner of this dog posted the touching story on Twitter, expressing how much he’s thankful for the opportunity. According to him, 10-year-old Cody was diagnosed with cancer about four months ago.

Cody was only given 1-3 months to live, depending on how fast it will spread. So, his family decided to make the most out of his last days.

A Cheeseburger a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Since the dog had to take up a lot of medicine, his family wanted to make it easier for him. Every single day since his diagnosis, they bought him a plain cheeseburger so he could enjoy it with the medicine inside.

Each day, Cody’s family visited the Burger King on Alexis Road, in Toledo, Ohio, but on Sunday, an employee finally asked why they never missed a day without ordering a plain cheeseburger.

After they explained what they were going through and shared about their beloved Cody, the Burger King employee told them to wait and went on to talk to her manager.

When she came back, she brought some good news to the family, saying that they are willing to give Cody free cheeseburgers for as long as he lives.

His owner’s Twitter post went viral, and their story touched a lot of people.

“I can’t explain how much that means to us, and my family and I are beyond appreciative,” Cody’s owner wrote in the post.

Burger King Just Won Us Over

Burger King might have just gained more customers as Cody’s story went viral.

They also responded to the dog owner’s Twitter post, showing great empathy and thanked him for accepting their offer.

Now, this is humanity working at its best. Burger King earned kudos from a lot of people for its random act of kindness to a dog.

You deserve it, Cody! Fill your tummy with all the cheeseburgers you want. Stay strong!

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