Frank Mir Literally Tried Pulling His Own Teeth Out During Brutal Loss

Mixed martial artists are risking a lot of things the moment they step foot on the cage: their record, their honour and their health. Frank Mir had no choice but to surrender after he was left a bloody mess on his Bellator 212 bout vs Javy Ayala. 

Mir tapped out after he was badly cut, even losing his gumshield on a bloodbath against Ayala in Hawaii. The 39-year-old was sadly placed on the receiving end of “Eye Candy’s” brutal strikes, earning serious injuries and a broken record.

Rough Sport

The former UFC heavyweight titleholder suffered an alveolar ridge fracture after getting pinned up the cage and taking heavy elbows and strikes from Ayala. Alongside his bloody submission defeat, it was a rough night for Mir who has his daughter cage-side for the first time.

According to Richard Hunter, who co-hosts the ‘Phonebooth Fight Podcast’ with the former champ, said Mir endured receiving powerful jabs for a minute and a half without a gum shield.

The American contender clearly tried his best to stay fighting given the fact he had never surrendered in his decorated career. However, he had to give up for his own good.

Hunter reported on Twitter that aside from the fight, the mixed martial artist also lost some of his teeth in the bloody match.

“I just talked to @thefrankmir & he told me he has an alveolar ridge fracture, which caused the tap. Frank was without his mouthpiece for about a minute & 1/2 of the 2nd round & that’s where the injury occurred.” 

“Also told me he thought it was just his teeth so he was trying to pull them out so he could continue but then the pain went through the roof. This is a rough sport, folks.”

MMA Career

Mir tapped out just right on the second round of the match, or maybe a little too late. He was a bloody mess at the end of the battle, earning his fourth consecutive loss.

‘Mirburger’ was known for scoring an impressive victory over the beastly Brock Lesnar in 2008. But after this painful defeat, it might be time for the 39-year-old heavyweight to call it an MMA career.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Bellator

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