Francis Ngannou Issues First Statement Since Savaging Curtis Blaydes

Mixed martial artists have their ups and downs… Sometimes, it takes a match or two before a once-notable fighter redeems himself and comes back stronger.

Francis Ngannou was an undefeated UFC heavyweight before seeing himself get mauled on his first title shot against Stipe Miocic and suffer a head-scratching decision loss to Derrick Lewis both this year.

Despite winning all six of his earliest fights in the UFC, “The Predator’s” two losses made some fans write his name off the A-list. Some made sense of his title match loss, but freezing up against Lewis in July made things worse for the 32-year-old.


However, Ngannou has just silenced the naysayers after knocking out Curtis Blaydes in China, winning a stoppage just after the 45th second of their opening round.

Beijing’s Cadillac Arena housed the second match of the Ngannou-Blaydes rivalry at UFC Fight Night 141. The fighting pair’s initial match ended 

Taking his gratitude to social media, the pride of Las Vegas thanked all the people who stayed around the corner during his rainy days. Indeed, ‘The Predator’ is back.

“I finally saw the light yesterday night at UFC Beijing by overcoming my darkness which dragged me deep to the bottom. My fans, my family and all those people who trust and believe in me have got persecuted by haters and doubters but they didn’t give up and they kept supporting me and that’s where I found strength to overcome all this.”

People Who Stayed

Continuing, Ngannou bowed down to everyone who didn’t leave him at his lowest, paying gratitude to the audience in Beijing for making up a great crowd.

“I wanna thank every single one of you, who once trusted me and who kept supporting me, who stayed beside me and who didn’t stumble. I’m grateful to have any of you known and unknown by my side and in my life since this is all my life.”

“Thank you China and particularly Beijing for welcoming us and for all the love and energy you guys put in, it was an honour for me to perform for you guys such an amazing people and a great crowd.”

‘The Predator’ might have called this win “the redemption” of his fighting career, but it may take more than a single victory to totally redeem himself from his soul-damaging loss to Stipe Miocic.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Francis Ngannou and Instagram/Atommma

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