Football Referee Decides To Punt One Into Top Corner During Game

Referees are some of the unsung heroes in sports. 

While winning teams and players are often praised (and sometimes worshipped by their rabid fans) for their great showing, the officiating staff do not normally get the credit they deserve for successfully enforcing the laws of the game.

Worse is they sometimes become a subject of verbal and physical abuse when they make non-calls or wrong calls, which are actually just breaks of the game.

Sure, being an umpire is a tough job especially in a physical sport like football.

Football Referee Decides To Punt One Into Top Corner During Game
A referee scored a goal during a football match in Russia. (Photo: Abzal Dzhunusov/YouTube)

Getting Involved

Overseeing a football match is always a tall order. As the referee, you need to check if the player and match equipment meet the standards, ensure that injured players are ejected from the match, and impose disciplinary actions to whoever commits a foul.

It is challenging most of the time. But sometimes, it can be a little boring, at least for a referee from Russia who dipped his fingers in the match and eventually scored a goal with ease.

In a match last February 2016, a football referee lost his patience in watching the players going toe-to-toe and decided to got himself involved in the match. He showed the young players that he still had his A-game as he easily sent the leather into the top bin with a textbook left kick.

Watch the sequence in the video below:

Freak Goal

Meanwhile, in the Russian Amateur League, a referee drew flak from the crowd as he awarded a goal to the home team that he unintentionally scored himself.

The home team Manas trailed against its visitors, the Keyes DD, and a timely goal from the referee saved them from the brink of loss.

During a penalty kick, a Manas player missed from the spot, but the ball ricocheted back off the opponent’s goalkeeper after it hit the head of the referee, Atay Daudov.

It was a crucial score for the home side as Manas was able to erase a two-point-deficit to end the match with a draw at 4-4.

According to the rules, Daudov’s decision was correct as the goal is considered legal, but some people still expressed their dismay over the call.

Watch the actions in the video below:

(Featured Image Source: Abzal Dzhunusov/YouTube and Euro News/YouTube)

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