Floyd Mayweather Responds To Conor McGregor Asking For Rematch

    Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have a pretty extensive history of talking smack. Considering they don’t even come from the same sport, it’s interesting that their beef continues…

    The boxing and MMA worlds merged in August of 2017 in one of the most bizarre pairings in combat sports history. Yes, of course, we are talking about Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

    “The Money Fight” certainly achieved its objective; fans around the world were talking about boxing vs. MMA, and they tuned in by the millions to watch the fight go down.

    As it turned out, a mixed martial artist with absolutely no competitive boxing background can’t beat one of the greatest boxers ever to enter the ring.

    But McGregor did at least put in a decent showing. Out of all of Floyd Mayweather’s recent opponents, “The Notorious” landed the most punches in a single fight.

    Even if “Money” was playing with him at some stages, McGregor landed some flush blows on the defensive genius.

    Floyd Mayweather Responds To Conor McGregor Asking For Rematch
    Floyd Mayweather beat Tenshin Nasukawa in a strange fight for Rizin FF. Source: Twitter/Bill Cutler

    Conor McGregor Wants Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

    Not surprisingly, McGregor is still talking about the prospect of a rematch with Floyd Mayweather. As recently as this week, McGregor has been saying he had “Money” in trouble in their first fight:

    “I spoiled it with the rush right hook here,” Tweeted McGregor. “The angle was made. He was in the dirt. I just had to set correctly into my feet and fire.”

    “Rushing the right hook I lost balance on my back hand. Great boxing fight! A rematch will be interesting no doubt.”

    It certainly appears that McGregor is more interested in boxing before fighting in MMA again. He is currently banned for another month before being eligible to compete again after the UFC 229 brawl.

    Here’s what Mayweather had to say when asked about McGregor’s recent comments:

    Mayweather, in typical Mayweather style, told that “Everybody wants the rematch.”

    “Everybody wants a rematch with me. “Don’t worry about that,”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah … everybody’s saying something,” said Mayweather. “I don’t worry about that. I already made over a billion! You already know that!”

    “I’m not worried about all that my man. Floyd is undefeated. Nobody can beat me. You already know that, man!”

    McGregor’s heavily rumored June fight against Donald Cerrone recently fell apart. Cerrone says McGregor refused to sign the contract because it was a co-main event fight rather than a main event:

    Floyd Mayweather Responds To Conor McGregor Asking For Rematch
    Source: Instagram/Donald Cerrone

    “Conor won’t fight unless it’s a main event. I don’t know if it’s an ego thing or a status thing for him. I don’t give a s***,” Cerrone stated via ESPN.

    “I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, and I stand by that all the time. I guess he’s a prima donna and only takes main event spots, I don’t know.”

    “We were all waiting on Conor for April, and he said he wasn’t ready. I don’t know how in one breath you can say, ‘I’ll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere,’ and the next one say, ‘I’m not ready for that one,’” Cowboy added.

    Featured image source: Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather on Instagram

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