Florida Suspect Goes Viral After People Notice His Supremely Hench Neck

    Instead of the offence, a drug suspect in Florida caught the attention of the social media audience for having an enormous neck. 

    On Tuesday afternoon, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office posted the mugshot of suspected peddler Charles Dion McDowell on their Facebook page. The 31-year-old was arrested for allegedly fleeing police after he was caught in possession of drugs in Northern Florida.

    But, commenters on social media turned blind eyes on the allegation when they caught sight of his extraordinary neck. It wasn’t the typical size of a person’s nape. It can almost be as huge as that of two people’s.

    Gepostet von Escambia County Sheriff's Office am Dienstag, 13. November 2018

    Unusual Trait 

    According to the police post, McDowell was arrested for bearing methamphetamine and cocaine with an intent to sell, manufacture or deliver the drug, as well as possession of marijuana and possession of drug equipment.

    They issued him an arrest warrant and pursued apprehension on November 1. Cops have successfully taken him into custody despite fleeing the authorities with lights and sirens active in the past.

    Unexpectedly, Florida Police’s Facebook post attracted 195,000 comments from users who didn’t slam the suspect for being an alleged member of a drug syndicate. Instead, they poked fun at his unusual physical trait.

    Poking Fun 

    “Dude is up to his neck in charges,” wrote Dustin Gilland.

    “That neck tattoo cost $6000. They charge per square foot,” joked Brian White.

    Nick Terri Jackson wrote: “They caught him just in the neck of time.”

    Moshae Elise commented: “Somebody said he was neckligent.”

    Danvil Stancil said: “Why y’all do this, He was gone turn himself in necks week.”

    Florida Suspect Goes Viral After People Notice His Supremely Hench Neck
    source: Escambia sheriff’s office

    Neck At Large 

    On Daily Mail’s article post, Facebook users haven’t also spared the drug suspect from hilarious remarks.

    Mahdi Calanle said: “He’s in jail but his neck still at large.”

    “I bet necks time he’ll stay home and neckflix and chill,” joked Dani Love.

    Kirsty Barton thinks he looks like “Patrick from SpongeBob in the flesh.”


    Nevertheless, the drug suspect is innocent until proven guilty. The Escambia County jail currently confines McDowell and is now being held on a $57,000 bond.

    Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

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