MMA Fighter Knocks Out Opponent Then Dislocates Knee While Celebrating

There is no better way to celebrate an MMA victory than climbing up the cage to throw your hands up in the air and take in all the love from the crowd. 

However, a post-fight celebration done in this fashion didn’t end well and clean for one excited fighter. At the Almighty Fighting Championships 10 event in York, England, amateur mixed martial artist Jack Culshaw learned it the hard way.

Nasty Mistake 

After defeating his opponent Zak Edwards with an impressive first-round TKO, the thrilled victor went up the cage and threw his hands up in celebration. The audience was cheering so loud at the quick and splendid triumph.

However, the sixteenth bout of the AFC 10 fight card at The Barbican venue might have just provided us with one of the craziest scenes of the week. Leaping back down the canvas, Culshaw failed to calculate his landing and made a nasty mistake.

The amateur fighter landed awkwardly on his right foot and apparently broke his knee bad. Culshaw proceeded to hop to the other side of the cage, gesturing the visibly injured limb to his team before finally falling to his back.

Jack Culshaw Vs Zak Edwards

Culshaw seized his impressive TKO victory after landing a huge left hand on Edwards at the opening round. After laying his opponent cold on the mat, the winning fighter looked to land follow up strikes to his downed opponent.

However, the referee had seen enough, waving the fight off since Edwards is clearly unable to defend himself. Understandably, Culshaw’s divine win is worth a memorable celebratory gesture.

Well, he indeed made it one-of-a-kind after unintentionally hurting himself when he jumped back down the cage. Watch the cringe-worthy footage below:

Stoppage then dislocates knee climbing the cage!!

✅ Win fight✅ Climb Cage❌ Dislocate knee Jack Culshaw's night at Almighty Fighting Championship 10.Main card live: #MMA

Gepostet von Proper Sport am Samstag, 17. November 2018

Despite the celebration that didn’t turn out well, Culshaw’s victory is probably enough to ease his pain for the night. He obviously took it lightly after posting a photo of his injured self inside the cage with a caption, “Chilling.” 

On another Instagram post, the proud but damaged fighter uploaded the footage and wrote: “8sec KO, and a f*cked knee.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Proper Sport and Instagram/Jack Culshaw

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