WATCH: Fighter Gets Frozen In Time By Head Kick

2018 was a big year for mixed martial arts. MMA fans played witness to a plethora of hair-raising and jaw-dropping knockouts, which kept them abuzz and on their feet in the previous year. 

While most devastating finishes from more prominent and more popular MMA promotions are often praised, there are incredible knockouts from smaller MMA outfits that are also worthy of our attention. One of them is this vicious head kick knockout by Oskar Stachura in an amateur fight in England, which was chosen by a certain fight page in social media as its “Knockout of the Year” awardee.

WATCH: Fighter Gets Frozen In Time By Head Kick

Brutal Headkick

Oskar Stachura is an amateur mixed martial artist out of North Yorkshire, England. In his young career, he has fought three bouts in 2018 and won two of them in a convincing fashion. Now at 2-1, he is looking to continue his streak of wins and finish more opponents this year.

One of the biggest highlights of his stint last year was when he barged into the win column in October after violently dropping Blake French in the Combat Challenge Bradford 22. Stachura bounced back from his previous loss with a killer head kick knockout, which sent his opponent freezing out cold.

Targeting the head may no longer be a massive trend in the sport last year – as breaking the opponent’s base proved to work wonders for fighters – but Stachura went upstairs as he aimed at his opponent’s head to land a powerful kick. And why not? He just could not resist the temptation as French left his it wide open.

Watch Oskar Stachura’s brutal head kick knockout of Blake French in the video below:

A Good Night

Stachura called this win “a good night” and was excited to go at again in the next month. Taking to Instagram, he wrote: It was a good night, 1st December we go again.”

It was not just a good night for the young fighter, but a memorable one as his incredible head kick finish will go down in history as one of the best and most violent. This type of knockouts is also good for the sport to lure a bigger audience in a country where MMA is now fast growing.

WATCH: Fighter Gets Frozen In Time By Head Kick

After sending Blake French in the shadow realm, Stachura picked up where he left off and went on to score another big win in the following month. He submitted his opponent with a nasty armbar en route to the first winning streak of his career.

“Won my fight in the second round by an armbar submission. Massive thank you to @spenfu @isaaaac94 and the whole @teamfulinkazan family. Also big thank you to everyone who supported me last night I really appreciate it,” he wrote.

Stachura has established a great momentum going into 2019, and this should come to play in his next amateur fights this year.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook/Fighting Lab)

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