WATCH: The Female Version Of Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo

Blinking made the audience miss a moment in Conor McGregor’s famous ousting of Jose Aldo from his featherweight title with a 13-second KO in 2015. However, an 18-year-old female fighter surpassed this record by finishing her rival at the 9-second mark of her MMA debut. 

Female boxing prodigy Asha Roka initially entered the mixed martial arts cage against 30-year-old fighter Anjela Pink at a Super Fight League event. For someone who fought in the sport for the first time, Roka has not probably thought she’d finish her business fast.

First Punch Ever Landed

The Indian boxer-turned-mixed-martial-artist did the right choice to chase her MMA dreams after the heart-stopping win. It turns out Roka who’s once a boxing prodigy also has the skills to kick, grapple and submit opponents inside the cage.

Currently, she is an undefeated female flyweight with a four-fight MMA career. Her wins alternate between submission and knockout victories against Rajni Devi, Hannah Kampf, Liz Pereira and initially, Pink.

The raging fighter landed a single counter punch square on the jaw of her American rival. The first punch Roka ever landed in an MMA fight collapsed her opponent in a heaping pile of face pain.

Watch the 9-second female battle below and don’t forget not to blink:

McGregor Vs Aldo

McGregor and Aldo’s first fight in 2015 holds the record for the fastest finish in UFC title fight history. ‘The Notorious’ dethroned ‘Junior’ with a TKO 13 seconds after the first bell.

Aldo entered the Octagon looking nervous and rigid with UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan pointing out that he looked like he was feeling the pressure of the moment. Opposite to that, the Irishman stepped up the cage confident as ever, very loose.

After a few feelers from McGregor, the Brazilian fighter attempted to land his own combination, though McGregor seized the slightest of openings and slept Aldo with a heavy counter left-hook, connecting flat on his chin.

Until today, fans are celebrating the former double-champ’s snatch of the lightweight division kingship in a blink of an eye. Who would’ve thought that a female match could actually beat the record on the winning fighter’s MMA debut?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/UFC and Youtube/Super Fight League

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