46 Famous People Openly Bi In Their Sexuality

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  1. I love so many of these people confusing falling in LOVE and sex. Being bisexual has nothing to do with who you fall in love with.

  2. I really don’t appreciate this. The person who wrote this very clearly doesn’t believe that bisexual is a legitimate sexuality by the way they are using terms suchs as “was” bisexual. They are also belittling these celebrities that come out by calling them controversial for it, or that the fact that they are chalking their sexuality up to being a wild and promiscuous person. I would also like to point out that a bisexual woman in a relationship with a female does not make them a lesbian couple, and expressing attraction to a person of the same sex does not even necessarily make you bi (referring to the woman who finds Megan Fox hot, she never actually said she was bisexual, and there is nothing defining about finding a person attractive). By constantly referring to a woman’s ex girlfriend as their “lesbian lover” you are actually sexualising same sex female relationships- an ex is an ex, if they aren’t together anymore, they can’t be a lover anymore. The writer of this piece was also using bisexual as a way to refer to people who hadn’t been faithful in their marriage. Bisexual is a sexuality, which means that it is a part of your being forever. Getting married doesn’t change that, just like how a gay man or woman wasn’t straight in the past just because they once dated someone of the opposite sex, they were always gay and they always will be. If a person cheats in their relationship, it is called cheating no matter what gender the person was.

    • Thank you Charlotte for commenting what you did. I was ready to type all of that as well. The writer of this article is very misguided or biased or something because they truly don’t know what it means to be bisexual. It’s not a “phase” or a “one night stand”

      I would also like to add that someone’s sexual orientation is not up to the public. I was ready to see celebrities that have addressed themselves as bisexual because I think it’s important that that is represented. It’s important because of article’s like this one that
      1. Tells people the public decides whether they’re actually gay or bisexual.

      2. There’s something wrong with being in a healthy heterosexual/homosexual relationship and still being bisexual.

      Both are terrible misconceptions.

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