Former Strong Man Eddie Hall Reveals How He Lost 9 Kilograms in 17 Days

    Eddie Hall is easily one of the biggest dudes on the planet. Spending years working on his craft in a sport that requires you to be as big as possible, Hall has managed to shred a load of weight, in a very short span of time.

    It’s an unusual thing to see, a strongman getting ripped. Eddie has done just that in 6 months.

    Eddie Hall was the Worlds Strongest Man in 2017, since then he has been more focused on being riped rather than large. In the past 6 months, Hall has managed to lose over 30 kilograms in 6 months. That’s approximately 4.7 stone, insane.

    However, in the past 17 days, Eddie seems to have maximised his weight loss potential, by managing to lose 9 kilograms (1.4 stone). He posted to his YouTube revealing how he pulled off such a task.

    The Beast

    Eddie Hall goes by the nickname ‘The Beast’ and it’s no secret as to why he does. Look at the man, he’s a straight savage. At one point, the world’s strongest man even trained with the world’s scariest man.

    Hall started documenting his weight loss on his social media which he has an extremely large following on. He revealed he uses HIIT workouts mostly. HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training.

    He has been using it as a form of cardio training by using Boxing, Cycling, Swimming and regular circuit training within the workouts.

    On top of this, Eddie likes to maintain his muscle mass by still doing 4 lots of weight training throughout a week. To also help him keep his muscle mass, his diet had to be changed dramatically too.

    Strongmen tend to eat thousands of calories a day to help them bulk up. In order to lose weight you have to drop those calories, however, this can cause a decrease in muscle mass. In order to tackle this and not lose what he’s worked so hard on over the years, Hall upped the amount of protein in his diet.

    Reason being for this is because Protein helps you build muscle as it aids in the growth and repair of them. Also when you are burning Protein off, you burn far more calories than when you eat Carbohydrates.

    Here is the transformation over the past 3 years that Eddie posted to his Instagram…

    Hall said he has been using a supplement called Oblivion, which apparently has 0 carbs or sugars.

    What do you think of Eddie’s weight loss? He has proved to us that it is possible to lose weight no matter how big you are. Just look at the comparison picture. Will he continue to get shredded or do you think he has reached his potential now?

    What do you think ?

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