Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Surprises Locals Working Out In Doncaster Gym

    It’s always intimidating for starters to do sessions with big dudes around the gym… But what if an actual machine you only see from blockbuster movies lifts weights beside you? 

    This might sound like is a made-up scenario, but former WWE star Dwayne Johnson did drop by a gym in Yorkshire for a quick workout while filming nearby. This sounds like attending a free fan-meet with Forbes’ second highest-paid actor of the year for the local gym rats.

    Top Secret

    The 46-year-old Hollywood celebrity is currently taping a spin-off to his Fast & The Furious franchise called Hobs and Shaw. Co-starring the movie are Jason Statham and Idris Elba, shooting at Eggborough power station in Doncaster.

    ‘The Rock’ apparently strolled into World Fitness Gym and spent an hour and a half of arm and stomach workouts while on a break from shooting his latest blockbuster. The gym boss detailed how his customers reacted to the unlikely visit.
    Apparently, one of Johnson’s bodyguards tipped off about the session to scope the place out. However, the owner had to keep it a top secret to prevent inviting wild crowds from flocking the star’s quick workout. Talking to LadBible, Craie said:
    “People were just working out and getting on with their own business when he walked in. They were having kittens when they saw him, I don’t suppose they were expecting it.”

    Aching By The End

    Continuing, the proud manager said:

    “I helped him with the workout and pushed him pretty hard, his arms were aching by the end. He was a really down to earth guy, really nice and easy to get on with.”

    “His team had obviously researched the gym by sending someone over two weeks before. Dwayne has taken a look and decided that this would be a good place for him to work out.”

    Craie, who’s also a professional bodybuilder, had the chance to pose for a photo with the Hollywood star including his wife Alicia and 14 month-old daughter Destiny. Alicia also dwelled on how down-to-Earth the Furious star is.

    “When he turned up, he was great. He was chatting to members, posing for photos and signing autographs and everything.”

    “He was absolutely wonderful. One member got a shirt signed.”

    Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Craie Carrera and Instagram/Dwayne Johnson

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