WATCH: The Most Exciting Dwarf Kickboxing Match Of All Time

Anyone can be a fighter, no matter how small. 

For a local kickboxing company in the Netherlands, there is a place in the ring for persons with dwarfism. Fightersheart promotion featured two of the smallest fighters in the history of the sports in the first-ever kickboxing duel between Lilliputians in Europe.

Ihsan “Bonky” Yuksel and Wopke “De Kleinste Baas” Booijen squared off on a historic bout at Venray, the Netherlands last October 13. It wasn’t McGregor nor Khabib we are looking at here, but these ‘small people’ did put on a big match.

Fighters’ Heart 

Early in the first round, Booijen with the blue gloves showered his opponent with powerful punches and landed minimal but strong leg kicks. He was able to take down “Bonky” thrice, pinning him to the sides of the ring most of the round.

Before the initial round ends, there seems to be some heat building up between the combatants outside of professional fighting. The referee warned them of several violations but continued the bout regardless.

Fighters were almost at the same level of performance and minimal fatigue in the second round. Despite this, Yuksel still fell on his knees numerous times.

The kickboxers hyped up the crowd all throughout the three-round square off. In the end, 22-year-old Booijen, also known as ‘the smallest boss’ on his vlogs, won his first kickboxing match.

Watch the unparalleled bout below:

For Booijen, waiting for the perfect opponent for more than two years is worth the wait. On an interview with RTL Nieuws, he said:

“There will always be people who laugh at us, but I am strong in my shoes.”

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/The Haarlemmer and Instagram/Ihsan Yuksel

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