Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life – Study

    “Alcohol is a friend in times of emotional struggle and celebration; but not until it slowly destroys your liver and deteriorates your health.”

    While Science has proven this true with years of study, a recent research discovered that alcoholic drinkers live longer than those who abstain from it.  Have we all been living in a lie?

    Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life - Study

    Study: Late‐Life Alcohol Consumption and 20‐Year Mortality

    Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life - Study

    Charles Holahan, a psychologist from the University of Texas led a research initiative entitled “Late‐Life Alcohol Consumption and 20‐Year Mortality” published at the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal.

    He and his team tried to associate alcohol consumption to all‐cause mortality over 20 years, trying to discover the possible salutary effects of liquor that leads to longer life.

    You might be wondering at this time if alcohol did any good to human health. The answer is yes, on the psychological aspect.

    This 20-year study evaluated almost 2,000 people ranging from 55-65 years old. They are divided into three categories:

    1. Drinkers who drank heavily
    2. Drinkers who drank moderately
    3. Those who abstain from drinking

    Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life - Study

    Surprising Results!

    1. 69% of the people who abstained from alcohol died after 20 years

    2. 60% of the heavy drinkers passed away

    3. 41% of the moderate drinkers followed

    4. Abstainers and heavy drinkers have 51% and 45 % increased mortality risk respectively, compared to moderate drinkers

    But why?

    Holahan’s study discovered that drinkers might be living a not-so-healthy lifestyle, but they have better peace of minds. Among its participants, those who consumed alcohol on a regular basis tend to be more at peace than those who avoided it.

    The following are the identified reasons why heavy and moderate drinkers tend to live more happy and healthy:

    1. Financial Stability

    Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life - Study

    Given the price of alcohol, the research concluded that abstainers have smaller incomes than those who drink. Financial  stability is a contributing factor to better peace of mind.

    2. Active Social Life

    Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life - Study

    People with healthier social lives have larger platforms in expressing themselves. Drinkers, both heavy and moderate, tend to be in good company and have more time for friends. Liquor sessions with pals release negative vibes and add positive thoughts on their minds.

    3. Relaxed State of Mind

    Drinking Alcohol Prolongs Life - Study

    Since alcohol is a depressant, drinkers move to a more relaxed state upon consumption. Although it has varied effects on people, heavy and moderate drinkers find refuge in these beverages. Regular consumption gives them time out from petty problems and optimism on arriving opportunities.


    Holahan’s study found out that survival associated with moderate drinking among older adults comes with a variety of factors. However, moderate drinking seem to display more beneficial effects in predicting mortality risk than abstainers even after considering traditional and non-traditional elements.

    Although this psychological study is not trying to disprove the findings of Science on the bad effects of alcohol to the human body, it does makes sense.

    The difference between the mental states of drinkers and non-drinkers explain this phenomenon. It means that this study does not in any way promote drinking alcohol, but does encourage maintaining a healthier mental state while abstaining or consuming liquor.


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