Donald Cerrone Announces He’s Fighting Conor McGregor For Interim Title

Yet again more news has surfaced about the potential bout between Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. The idea of the bout originally surfaced after Cerrone beat Mike Perry, but it may be more than we thought…

Everybody has been speculating about the possible match up of Cerrone and McGregor for a little while now. People were pleased McGregor was abiding by the rankings and attempting to fight his way to the top to face Khabib again. For a little while at least…

This would’ve been the first time McGregor had competed in a non-title bout since he fought Nate Diaz for the second time a few years back. Cerrone is coming off of two straight wins and also two straight finishes might I add.

Regardless of this the matchup between Cowboy and The Irishman is a pretty good one, two precision strikers meaning this could be a hell of a fight. Of course McGregor is still serving his six-month suspension due to the infamous post fight melee at UFC 229 in October.

It seems the whole theme with this fight is alcohol as Budweiser takes on Proper Twelve Whiskey. The two have already had a few friendly tweets back and forth talking about drinking at the press conferences. Surprisingly no derogatory comments have been made, yet.

Today Cerrone posted a photo on Instagram with a rather confusing yet interesting caption…

Did you read that right? Yep. Interim title.

As exciting as this is, to see Cerrone finally within a title shot. It is also a little harsh on ex interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson who realistically should be still the interim champion, but he blew his knee out pretty badly…

Donald Cerrone Announces He's Fighting Conor McGregor For Interim Title

So, the real question is, what happens if Conor wins? Khabib has already stated his last three desired opponents and McGregor isn’t on that list. Neither is Cerrone for that matter…

If this fight is for the interim title, do you agree with it? Or should McGregor compete in a non-title bout before jumping back into the octagon?

What do you think ?

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