This Super Dog Helped a Man in Wheelchair

How Loyal Your Dog Can Be?

In an ordinary afternoon, a Facebook user named Faith L. Revilla, have witnessed this dog’s loyalty while his master was manoeuvring his wheelchair along the street.

We’re talking about dogs, so it’s undoubtedly possible to happen.

Heartwarming scene of a dog’s unconditional love towards its master. Just this ordinary afternoon, we felt blessed to have witnessed this extra ordinary sight of an amazing creature helping its master maneuver his wheelchair along seminary drive. I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, this very scenario. I’m out of words to describe my emotions right now. May the good Lord will bless them both.
I’m holding my baby who’s sleeping in my arms that’s why I didn’t get a good shot.

Faith’s Facebook post has garnered 75K views two weeks after she posted.  Netizens couldn’t help themselves to shed tears after watching the video.

They keep on commenting and sharing Faith’s post until it reached TV Patrol’s, a national network news broadcast of ABS-CBN in the Philippines, attention.

Meet Digong and His Owner Alarcon

Danilo Alarcon didn’t have any clue that someone was taking a video of him and his dog named Digong. He couldn’t believe he became an instant star on social media because of that video.

In the video posted by Faith Revilla on June 30th, Alarcon was seen being helped by Digong on his wheelchair while manoeuvring. It appears that this dog’s loyalty to Alarcon is unbreakable.

He didn’t expect Digong would get some help from his dog. In addition to Danilo’s statement, he was only resting when Digong went down (from the wheelchair) and pushed his wheelchair.

He has been with Digong for seven months. Imagine that?

Danilo has only been with Digong for seven months, but the dog’s unconditional love gives towards his master makes you so emotional. Alarcon wants to show everyone that even dogs have feelings and emotions to love, especially to their masters.

Exploring Tagum City in Davao del Norte with Danilo’s wheelchair won’t be any problem as long as he’s with his dog Digong. This only shows how significant the relationship is between a human and an animal.

No wonder how we get so attached to animals. The video just shows why having Animal rights in your perspective is a must.

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