18 DIY Decor Pieces for a Lovely, Rustic Look

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to squeeze some rustic elements into every furniture article I write. Today, I want to focus solely on rustic interior.

The rustic style has made a big comeback in interior design. And while some hate it, some love it. Refreshing in its simplicity, the style highlights natural beauty and creates an eclectic look. So, if you want to bring that warm feeling into your home, I have several decorative pieces you can use.

1. Wood Framed Mirror
18 DIY Decor Pieces for a Lovely, Rustic Look
Photo: thewoodgraincottage.com

Let’s start with the simplest of simple items—a framed mirror. One thing to note about the rustic style: it’s easy to overdo it. Therefore, for beginners, it’s best that you start small. That means a framed mirror here and there. And if you like it, you can continue with a few bigger projects.

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