Dillon Danis Jumps To Conor McGregor’s Defense Over Featherweight Claims

Holloway re-entered the Octagon after a tough year to win his second successful title defence against previously-undefeated Ortega in Toronto. The impressive victory shifted conversations as to whether or not ‘Blessed’ is the greatest featherweight fighter of all time.

Dillon Danis Jumps To Conor McGregor's Defense Over Featherweight Claims
Holloway vs Ortega. Source: Youtube/UFC


Numbers and stats dramatically back up the featherweight champion as potentially being the division’s GOAT, currently riding a 13-fight winning streak. His UFC 231 headliner has also made him the fighter with the most number of landed strikes in a single fight, in a single round and in an entire career.

However, McGregor’s SBG Ireland training partner Dillon Danis doesn’t bite the “Holloway as GOAT” talk generated after the match in Canada. The Bellator fighter says the top of the pyramid belongs to one of two fighters to defeat Holloway: Conor McGregor.

Taking it to Twitter, Danis wrote:

“they do Conor dirty by saying max is the best FW ever… Conor is, he beat porier, aldo, mendez AND max and more.”

Holloway vs McGregor

All of Danis’ stated wins are on the records of the former two-division champion when he reigned the 145-pound division. ‘The Notorious’ did beat some of the greatest UFC featherweights namely Jose Aldo, Dustin Poirier, Chad Mendes, and Holloway.

McGregor defeated the current champ via decision after a three-round showdown in 2013. The pair has never entered the Octagon against each other since, but UFC President Dana White sees it possible for Holloway to rise to 155 lbs. where McGregor fights at.

During the UFC 231 post-fight press conference, the promotion chief was positive about Holloway’s goal of fighting in another division and earn the No. 1 pound-for-pound crown.

“Honestly, listen, Max is a grown man and I’d like to talk, but I’d like to see Max go to 155 now. The guy is 27 and going on 28 years old. He’s in the prime of his life, has never looked better, continues to improve with every single fight that he is in, and I think he has done everything he can do at 145.”

“Why keep cutting that weight? I think there are some big things for him at 155.” 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Dillon Danis and Instagram/Max Holloway

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