Nick Diaz Unimpressed With Khabib’s Fighting Style, Firmly Believes He Can Beat Him

Nick Diaz Unimpressed With Khabib's Fighting Style, Firmly Believes He Can Beat Him
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Despite earning the biggest win of his UFC career after defeating former lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor, many still aren’t convinced with current lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov

After several months of waiting, the highly-anticipated lightweight bout between the chief rivals was finally put to an end. Khabib (27-0), defeated  McGregor (21-4) via submission in round 4, and the world just can’t get over it.

But even though the undefeated Russian proved that he is still unbeatable after dominating the UFC 229, a lot of fans still believe that he didn’t deserve to win – including Nick Diaz. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion says he doesn’t enjoy the way Khabib depends on wrestling to win his fights.

Diaz On Khabib’s ‘Dirty Fighting Style’

Khabib is known for his ability to manipulate his opponents on the ground – which was also what he used to take down McGregor. But for Diaz, McGregor could have won, but he believes that the Irish star didn’t seem to look like himself that night.

“I don’t think Conor looked like himself in that fight,” Nick Diaz told UFC on Fox. “First time I saw him on screen. Yeah, I don’t think he looked 100% Conor McGregor in that fight.” (via BJPenn)

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion also admitted that he wanted McGregor to win because he wanted to put an end to Khabib’s ‘dirty’ fighting style.

“I wanted him to win because I’m tired of seeing [Nurmagomedov’s] type of style win,” he added. “To me it’s a dirty fighting style.” (via BJPenn)

Meanwhile, McGregor humbly accepted defeat, but he’s still looking forward to a rematch.

Diaz Confident On Beating Khabib

Diaz obviously isn’t a fan of “The Eagle’s” fighting style. During a recent interview, Diaz told everyone that he’s confident that both he and his brother, Nate Diaz, could beat the undefeated Russian champion.

“Yeah [we could beat him], because you have to have a certain style to beat that kind of wrestler on the ground,” Nick Diaz said. “McGregor’s like brand new on the bottom. I think my brother could beat him, I definitely think I could beat him, but I’d have to fight him at a catchweight cause I’d have a hard time getting down to 155 pounds.”(via BJPenn)

“You’ve got to be like McGregor, but you’ve got to be able to survive that bottom game, you know? He didn’t have good defence on the bottom, he didn’t have the right formula on the bottom.”

Nick Diaz Unimpressed With Khabib's Fighting Style, Firmly Believes He Can Beat Him
Khabib Nurmagomedov going in for the kill. (Source: Twitter / UFC)

Diaz considers Khabib a ‘boring’ fighter, which is why he’s rooting for McGregor at UFC 229.

“The two things people want out of mixed martial arts right now is more of me, and less of you [Nurmagomedov],” Diaz said. “Less of the wrestler. Less of the defensive boxer and wrestler who puts on a boring fight. It’s just a dirty way of fighting… holding onto somebody and giving them little hits. So yeah, I’ve got to take McGregor’s side on that one.”(via BJPenn)

Watch Nick Diaz’s recent interview with UFC on Fox on the video below:

Do you agree with Nick Diaz’s comments? Does he have the potential to beat Khabib?

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3 thoughts on “Nick Diaz Unimpressed With Khabib’s Fighting Style, Firmly Believes He Can Beat Him

  1. I believe Conner has always lacked submission and defense and that his blue is confirmed now. Diaz brother’s do have the right ingredients to win since they have a lot of endurance and ground experience

  2. I support nick Diaz
    but he is able to beat khabib?
    if he knows ground work as well …
    He has to beat khabib at his own game
    Even though I also think khabib fights dirty but in saying that his style works
    There’s no clean fighting in war and you think ufc is clean ?
    In saying that though if Diaz keeps khabib off the floor he has a definite chance on bitting him

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