Derrick Lewis: I Can Knock Daniel Cormier Out

Derrick Lewis: I Can Knock Daniel Cormier Out
Derrick Lewis knocks out Alexander Volkov at UFC 229 in Las Vegas. (So 


Nearly a week has passed since this announcement from the promotion shocked the world of MMA. Just after heavyweight fighter Lewis pulled off a Hail Mary knockout win over Alexander Volkov at UFC 229, UFC offered him a shot at the title.

A lot of people were surprised because the “Black Beast” openly admitted he’s not yet ready for a title fight during his recent post-fight interview. Also, DC is still recovering from an injured finger.

Derrick Lewis: I Can Knock Daniel Cormier Out
DC defeated Stipe Miocic last July, gaining himself the heavyweight and light heavyweight belts simultaneously. (Source:

Lewis Accepted the Offer 

So what made the difference in a matter of days? Lewis explains it in the only way he knows how:

“Money talks. They threw money at me like I was a stripper, and I was fine with it.”

Lewis may have joked about being lured money as a stripper, but the promotion can surely present him a good deal. Even the two-division champion revealed that UFC’s offer to headline the NYC event was simply too good to pass up.

 Also, MMA fans and former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic himself, are calling him out for a well-deserved rematch. Lewis even admitted:

  he said in an interview with 

Rewatch Lewis’ powerful KO on Volkov below:

Regardless of various criticisms, DC vs Lewis will happen in New York more than two weeks from now. Though the Black Beast is considered as the underdog, he’s confident to knock Cormier out. On a statement released by MMAMania he said:

“Oh yeah, of course. Without a doubt, I believe I can beat this guy. Even if it’s the last 30 seconds of the fifth round, I believe that I can still knock him out. I know a lot of guys don’t believe in me, but I believe in myself.”

“I know I’m not the most technical, and I don’t look at myself as a martial artist. I’m a brawler, so I don’t have the most experience like everyone else that I fight, but the one thing I do have is the most heart of anyone that I ever faced and that I will face.”

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