Deontay Wilder Apologizes For Knocking Out ESPN Mascot

The longest-reigning WBC heavyweight champion aims to knock out every opponent that comes his way, this time, even the guy under a mascot. 

Deontay Wilder recently appeared on an episode of Nacion ESPN to promote his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury on December 1 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Before the show ends, the hosts had Wilder talk to a dummy as if it was Fury, allowing him to hit it where he wants. The American professional boxer did as told. After this, the ESPN mascot appeared and the hosts asked Wilder to hit it again in the stomach or face. The heavyweight star laid the mascot out to the ground with a powerful right hand.

Deontay Wilder Apologizes For Knocking Out ESPN Mascot
Source: Youtube/Adicto al Boxeo

“Failed to Realize a Person was Inside?” Nope

Apparently, one website headline claimed that Deontay failed to realize a real person was wearing the mascot from inside, injuring him with the punch. Wilder considered this trick as straight ‘click-baiting.’

Nevertheless, he apologised to the mascot guy and offered him a seat at his upcoming fight. On an Instagram post he said:

“Yea, anything headlining I didn’t know a “Human Being” was in there is just straight “Click Baiting” like come on now, I guess the Mascot rolled out there. show so respect! I sincerely apologize to the brave man that was injured (if this is true) I have the up most high respect for him, his participation, willingness and courage. If this is true @nacionespn I personally would like to invite him to my Dec.1 fight.”

Wilder Vs Fury in December 

The boxing match between Wilder and Fury is one of the most awaited boxing bouts of the year. Who would’ve forgotten these guys’ heated confrontation just after the latter defeated Francesco Pianeta at Windsor Park in August?

During this clash, Wilder belittled on Fury’s titles saying:

“It is one thing that Tyson Fury has never had. He had many belts, but he’s never had the WBC belt. If he ever thinks about having this belt, he better wake up and apologise to me because he’ll never have this.”

Watch how Wilder knocked out the ESPN mascot ahead of his plan to knock Fury out inside the ring:

Hyping up the fans, WBC has recently ordered WBO titleholder Anthony Joshua to fight the winner of Wilder vs Fury. Apparently, Wilder and Joshua failed to agree on setting a blockbuster bout so this match in December will tell whether it’ll come to reality.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Adicto al Boxeo

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