Deontay Wilder’s Face When Tyson Fury Got Up From The Knockdown

The only thing more painful than losing is almost winning. This applies to both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury who went to an all-out war in their highly-awaited heavyweight title fight, Saturday night, at Staples Arena in Los Angeles.

‘The Gypsy King’ had the victory in his bag as he outboxed the defending champion in the first eight rounds. But ‘The Bronze Bomber’ orchestrated a late rally to salvage his WBC heavyweight strap. Wilder’s signature firepower came out in the final round as he connected with a powerful combo that almost took the fight out of his challenger. He thought he already finished his challenger until Fury rose back from the ashes, much to his surprise.

Down But Not Out

The 33-year old American put his WBC heavyweight title on the line against Fury, who is undefeated in 27 outings. Many pundits dubbed their clash as the boxing fight of the year and the biggest heavyweight showdown on US soil since the Lewis-Klitschko fight in 2003.

As expected, Fury turned to his boxing techniques to outperform the defending champion in the early goings. ‘The Gypsy King’ was on the driver seat in the first eight rounds until Wilder finally landed a powerful right hand in the ninth round, which scored him his first knockdown. Looking to sustain the momentum, the American champ tried to bring in more power to no avail as Fury managed to regain his form in the next two rounds.

But Wilder successfully connected a vicious punch in the final frame, which sent his opponent down to the canvas for the second time. Fury was down for a few seconds and the defending champion thought he had knocked him out cold. Wilder went to an early celebration, doing his usual ring antics, until he saw the British boxer came back from the dead. And his face summed up our reactions to Fury’s resurrection.

The fight ended with a split draw as Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin scored 115-11 in favour of ‘The Bronze Bomber’, Robert Tapper of Canada tallied 114-110 going to Fury’s way, while Phil Edwards of the United Kingdom had it knot-tied at 113-113.

Wilder had won all of his 40 fights, with 39 of those coming from a knockout. Fury really gave Wilder a run for his money but the defending champion did not manage to finish him.

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