What Eddie Hearn Offered Deontay Wilder To Fight Anthony Joshua

What Eddie Hearn Offered Deontay Wilder To Fight Anthony Joshua

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Fans have been waiting to see two of the biggest stars in heavyweight boxing to go head to head, but it took time before AJ finally saw the match a must. It was after Wilder made up his mind about taking on an immediate rematch against Fury.

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However, the Matchroom executive intervened to make the fight happen on terms he thinks Wilder will agree with. Although the original April 13 at Wembley Stadium schedule looks short-noticed, the fight simply has to happen in 2019.

Though the contract is a bit biased, favouring Joshua more in terms of getting a bigger cut, Wilder will definitely not have a larger payday in his career than this. If the American boxer says yes, there’s no doubt what the most pay-per-viewed fight in history will be.

TalkSPORT’s Michael Benson revealed the offer on Twitter, claiming he had a talk with Eddie Hearn regarding this.

“Eddie Hearn has revealed his latest offer to Deontay Wilder for the Anthony Joshua fight:
65/35 Purse Split
Guaranteed US Rematch
70/30 Or 50/50 Rematch Split
(Depending On First Result)

He then added that they will now increase the first fight split to 60/40.”



Many fans disagree on the result of the Wilder-Fury match. Despite suffering several knockouts, viewers believe the lineal heavyweight champion outboxed the 

In line with this, a lot of fans also think that Wilder should accept the unification match because he will lose the chance to fight AJ if he loses the rematch vs Fury. He should probably say yes to the fight now, rather than risk losing it altogether.

In fact, Hearn’s offer also extends to whoever wins the Wilder vs Fury rematch if it happens earlier than the unification match. Benson adds that there is a good chance the winner will get a 50/50 offer to fight AJ.

“Eddie Hearn told reporters that if the Wilder vs Fury rematch happens next, then there is a good chance the winner will be offered a 50/50 split to fight Anthony Joshua afterwards – depending on the success of the fight. The maximum either man will be offered now is 60/40.” 


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Deontay Wilder and Instagram/Eddie Hearn


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