Deontay Wilder’s Multi-Million DAZN Deal Leads To Anthony Joshua Fight

Some boxing matches happen in a single accord but some stirs up fans excitement first and take years before they come to reality. 

Deontay Wilder has reportedly received a $50-million offer for two fights leading to his unification match against Anthony Joshua in 2020.

Deontay Wilder's Multi-Million DAZN Deal Leads To Anthony Joshua Fight

Deontay Wilder Vs Anthony Joshua

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According to World Boxing News, DAZN has now tabled a massive $50-million deal for Wilder in a two-fight contract. The end-game of the deal will be the Bronze Bomber’s long-awaited undisputed unification match against AJ in 2020.

The WBC heavyweight king is said to receive $25 million apiece upon winning the fights; before eventually getting pitched against Joshua next year.

Get It Done

In an interview with Sky Sports in Tuesday evening, Hearn revealed that his role in setting the deal will be minimal since it has been difficult for him and Wilder’s co-manager Shelly Finkel to come to terms.

“There’s an opportunity for someone to be if you like, a mediator to try and get it done,” the boxing promoter stated.

“Clearly the relationship between Team Wilder and Team Joshua isn’t the best. I think this is a route that is going to be very beneficial to making that undisputed fight.

“I think any input from me would be a negative one. In terms of trying to move things forward because of the relationship. So I’ll leave it in the hands of the broadcasters (DAZN) to try and effectively be a mediator,” he continued.

Long Way

Hearn also admitted that the matchup still has to go a long way but odds are slowly giving them a shot.

“It’s not just about doing a deal with Wilder, it’s about doing a deal with Joshua, for the fight,” he stated.

“They’ve got their work cut out. But the pieces are coming together. There’s a long way to go, a long way to go.”

“We’ll see where it goes. But there is now a strategy in place and a route in place that could lead us to an undisputed fight.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Deontay Wilder and Instagram/Anthony Joshua

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