Deontay Wilder Details How Broken Arm Affected Tyson Fury Fight

Promising to lock a win at his homeland, Deontay Wilder knocked 

After the judge’s scorecards were read out on the heavyweight match between reigning WBC champion Wilder and former lineal WBO/WBA/IBF/IBO champ Fury, the crowd went berserk booing at the results.

Now wanting to show the world how tough he is despite earning a draw against Fury, the ‘Bronze Bomber’ explained his pre-fight injury in detail. Apparently, Wilder broke his arm twelve weeks before camp and reserved his right arm strikes for the night at Staples Centre.

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Thanks to the city of #LosAngeles @staplescenterla @showtimeboxing and all the fans around the world that supported this David vs Goliath fight. It was an amazing fight and I wanted nothing but greatness to come from this. The fight lived up to the hype more than ever. When you put the best against the best, exciting things happens. I take nothing away from this fight but we won this fight. To beat the champion you must dominate the champ and to me I was the more aggressive fighter and landed the more affective punches. You saw the best #fury but you did not get the best #Wilder and I still managed to get the job done. This event brought more pressure than I expected, I just wanted the best for Boxing Here in America and Boxing in General In which lead me to get overly anxious to knock his head off so I abandoned the game plan. Did the count start 3-4 sec too late or Was the count too long is the question many Are asking and debating about. The ref #JackReiss is an amazing ref in which I’ve had the pleasure to work with on several occasions and he did a great job and at the end of the day #Boxing wins the #Fans are the real winner and I can’t wait for #WilderFury2 To end the controversial talk around the world once and for all!! Love, Love, love to all my fans! Blessings and see you guys again soon -Champ #BombZquad #AndStill @staplescenterla @showtimeboxing @premierboxing

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True Warrior 

In a recent phone presser, the 33-year old heavyweight explained:

“I suffered an injury, I broke my arm twelve weeks before I started my camp. In that whole camp, I barely throw any right hand, it was all left hooks and jabs… Me breaking my arm, [I] have been there, I was reserving it for the fight, could have played more of my accuracy along with being anxious to knock him out.”

“I deal so much with my body, a lot of people don’t know I’m a warrior, I’m a true warrior, I’m a true king. I don’t make excuses.”

“But I think it’s interesting to know that not only was I fighting a guy [who is] some pound heavier than I, but I had to overcome some things as well too.”

Not A Nice Feeling

Wilder also threw light upon how he endured the injury throughout his training and if it made him uneasy during the match.

“By the time we got deep into camp, it didn’t affect me at all. At the beginning of camp, you know when you have surgeries, it’s tender. You’ve got to let it rest a little bit. Even when I was throwing my right hand, I will land on the guy, I will the pressure from the impact of a guy’s head. “

“Anybody knows anything about punching the guy in the face and feeling that structure, that bones in your hands, it’s not a nice feeling. Even when you’re arm is healthy it’s not a nice feeling.”

“Going to mid-camp, I was able to use it, although in my mind I wanted to reserve it with this big fight. I’m definitely going to fight and I want to make sure it was definitely healed properly.”


The native of Alabama had to go on a surgery after attaining the injury. His co-manager and trainer Jay Deas said it was a minimal damage but preventing to overuse the broken arm is a protocol.

“Surgery was done before camp. It didn’t require any kind of an overnight stay. It did not require a cast or anything like that. It was basically once in camp a precautionary measure not to overuse the right hand so that Deontay would go into the fight as strong as possible with it.”

Wilder has not disclosed a thing on suffering an injury until the fight against the ‘Gypsy King’ was over.

“I just want to show the world how tough I am. I can do so many things — have a broken hand, have a torn bicep, even have third-degree burns — and still fight my heart out and give the best Deontay Wilder possible.”

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