WATCH: The Final Liddell vs. Ortiz Press Conference Was Really Awkward

    The CEO of the Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya flirted with disaster in the final press conference of the Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz III fight. 

    The boxer-turned-promoter obviously did not do his homework ahead of the media scrum as he failed to recall the names of the undercard fighters and repeatedly mispronounced Chuck’s last name in his first MMA press conference.

    End Of An Era

    The Ortiz-Liddell rivalry is one of the most exciting match-ups in MMA history. In three years, they met in the cage twice, with the more-experienced Liddell coming out on top in both fights.

    ‘The Iceman’ finished his rival via second-round knockout in their first meeting in April 2004, then reasserted his mastery over Ortiz in their rematch in December 2006. Obviously, Ortiz is itching to score his first victory over Liddell while the latter is looking to prove that he still has it despite a lengthy layoff. On November 24, the third and final chapter of the Lidell vs  Ortiz rivalry will unfold at the Forum arena in Inglewood, California.

    Liddell is aware of the challenge brought up by his decision to return to professional fighting. He knew how important this bout is as he promised that it will be his last if Ortiz comes out with the win. Meanwhile, Ortiz knows that a lot is at stake in this fight. A win will not just give him his first victory over Liddell but will also give the 2009 Hall of Famer a reality check, which will send him back to retirement.

    This is why the finale of their celebrated rivalry is still a thing to watch out for despite doubts and criticisms from some MMA fans. But when the perfect moment to hype the fight came, the promoter himself delivered a lackluster performance. Watch an unprepared De La Hoya during the Liddell vs Ortiz II press conference in the video below:

    Here’s another clip, where he pronounced Chuck’s last name as “Lie-dell.”

    Reports said the ‘Golden Boy’ quickly left the venue after taking the stage while the stars of the trilogy faced the media for a one-on-one interview. ‘The Iceman’ came to De La Hoya’s defense when asked about his promoter’s awkward performance.

    “He’s doing his best. He’s out here working. There’s a lot of fights on the card, and it’s certainly new to him. By the time someone makes it onto that stage in the UFC, they’ve been fighting for a long time in the same organization, so you should know their names, right? This is the first time. You can’t get mad at him too much. I’m hoping it will bring over some of those boxing fans. Boxing guys will hopefully try this out because Oscar is promoting,” he told The Mac Life.

    The UFC legend also stressed that the mistake on pronouncing his surname was no big deal.

    “Someone said he had it corrected. I thought he did, otherwise, I would’ve warned him before (the press conference), reminded him,” he said. “People give him a hard time, but I’ve had my name misspelled a lot of times — the UFC still misspells my name sometimes. It is what it is. He’s trying. It’s good. It’s okay.”

    Watch the full coverage of the Liddell vs Ortiz III press conference below:

    (Featured Image Source: YouTube/The Mac Life and YouTube/MMAFIghtingOnSBN)

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