18 Stunning Decorations to Make with Driftwood

The definition of driftwood is “wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea, lake, or river.” The wood has been washed up by the action of winds, tides, or waves. The simple explanation is that driftwood is a form of marine debris.

And in most cases, people ignore driftwood. But if by any chance you come across a piece of driftwood, you should pick it up. Why? Well, because you can create so many unique decorations with it. So if you come across an interesting piece of driftwood, remember that you can utilize it in a number of ways, and we’ll take a look at some of those ways today.

1. Succulent Driftwood Arrangement
18 Stunning Decorations to Make with Driftwood
Photo: joyusgarden.com

We start off with a natural decorative arrangement. After all, driftwood is a natural object. And you can use it to bring a little bit of that natural feeling into your home.

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