Daniel Cormier Reads Mean Social Media Comments About Himself

Daniel Cormier is considered as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. The 39-year old mixed martial artist is a two-division champion, holding both straps in the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions.

But despite these feats and his immense talent, some fans still throw rocks at his name.

Ahead of his title defence fight against Derrick Lewis this weekend, DC sat down with Tony Mui of Complex to discuss his upcoming clash with ‘The Black Beast’ and, for a bonus, read some hate remarks directed at him in social media. And his reactions were priceless!

Daniel Cormier Reads Mean Social Media Comments About Himself
(Photo: Complex/YouTube)

Weird Fight

Cormier and Lewis will go head-to-head this Saturday for the heavyweight belt in the main event of UFC 230. The Madison Square Garden will play host to this intriguing affair that features the title favourite and the fan favourite in a clash of ‘two good superheroes.’

DC is heavily favoured to win this match, with many fans claiming it as one of easiest fights for the defending heavyweight kingpin. But for Cormier, it doesn’t matter which side people pick as both of them are good guys fighting for the heavyweight championship.

Daniel Cormier Reads Mean Social Media Comments About Himself
(Photo: Complex/YouTube)

“It’s a weird fight in a sense that he just fought a couple of weeks ago and he had this massive moment and he has the opportunity to capitalise on that moment whereas I fought July and had a massive moment. It was an opportunity for me to continue the momentum. For both of us, it’s a very unique and a great situation.”

Then after talking about his upcoming fight with Lewis and his admiration for the Houston Rockets and the Saints, DC read and responded to some hateful comments against him in social media, where fans body-shamed him, called him a ‘delusional coward,’ and criticised him for being a UFC fighter and analyst at the same time.

Watch it in the video below:

(Featured Image Source: Complex/YouTube)

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