DC On UFC 241 Loss: “I Paid The Ultimate Price For Not Listening To My Coaches”

Following a devastating loss at UFC 241, Daniel Cormier is blaming himself for defying his coaches during his rematch with Stipe Miocic.

The former two-division champion returned to action last Saturday night after a nine-month hiatus and locked horns with Miocic in the second instalment to their heavyweight rivalry.

It was the second title-defence bid for Cormier since he won the belt last July against Miocic and defended it against Derrick Lewis last November.

Though DC was coming off an injury, he was still dubbed as the clear favourite by oddsmakers.

The American Kickboxing Academy standout was poised to dominate the main event bout as he turned to his elite wrestling skills in the early goings.

But DC was not able to sustain the momentum as Miocic restored order in the next rounds, with the match turning into a striking battle.

Miocic launched a flurry of punches in the fourth round, which helped him earned the stoppage win and reclaimed the UFC heavyweight championship.

Feeling Pretty Bad

In the post-fight press conference, Cormier revealed that his coaches asked him to bring the game to the ground after Miocic gained the upper hand in the second round.

“That was the strategy, that’s probably the biggest let down – they were begging me to wrestle,”

“That’s the most disappointing thing. I didn’t do what I was trained to do. And I feel like I let my coaches down.”

“When you start finding success and landing things you fall in love with it. It feels like the [Alexander] Gustafsson fight all over again, when I wrestled a lot in first round, and in the last four rounds I didn’t.”

The 40-year old MMA legend also gave credit to Miocic for doing a great job in landing solid punches.

“They were begging me then. I paid the ultimate price for not listening to my coaches. I feel pretty bad about that.”

“I felt I was doing pretty good but then he landed that shot in the fourth round, some good body punches, he landed that right hand I didn’t see and he got the finish.”

“He did a great job.”

Taking His Time

With Cormier suffering a major setback, talks about his possible retirement quickly flooded social media.

DC previously claimed that the Miocic rematch might be his swan song, but after UFC 241, the pound-for-pound king said he is taking his time before deciding about his future in the sport.

“A lot of times we base decisions in emotion. I don’t want to be that guy.”

“I’m going to go back and talk to (my wife) Selina and my coaches and we’ll figure out what’s next,”

“Losing is just terrible for me. I’m a competitive guy and just losing any type of fight is just terrible.”

“Being finished to me is just insane. That’s twice I’ve been stopped, that’s not good.”

“I’m smart enough to understand that.”

Will DC call it quits?

Or will he fight Miocic in a trilogy bout?

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