Daniel Cormier Says He Would Go To WWE & Cost Brock Lesnar His Title

Daniel Cormier has been vocal about wanting to fight Brock Lesnar before retiring at 40. Now, it seems like DC is stealing Lesnar’s technique by breaking into WrestleMania just like what the WWE star did to his UFC 226 title match last year. 

Despite being Stipe Miocic’s underdog at their heavyweight showdown in July, the UFC’s top pound-for-pound fighter proved his doubters wrong after seizing the belt simultaneous to being the promotion’s light heavyweight champion. 

However, the historic moment turned into an infamous shoving match between DC and the former UFC champ inside the Octagon just seconds after the announcer declared Cormier as the new heavyweight champion.

It now sounds like the former two-division titlist is returning the favour at WrestleMania 35.

Daniel Cormier Says He Would Go To WWE & Cost Brock Lesnar His Title
(Photo: Instagram/Daniel Cormier)

Three Fights Left

Cormier is coming off a 

Despite this, DC’s previous statements implied that the Californian phenom is calling it a career this month.

However, UFC President Dana White 




Daniel Cormier Says He Would Go To WWE & Cost Brock Lesnar His Title
(Photo: Twitter/Thomas Harkin)

Eyes on Brock

In his latest interview with the ESPN, DC re-stressed his desire to enter the fighting cage opposite to the MMA-champion-turned-professional-wrestler, revealing how he could get to do so.

”I don’t have a fight exactly scheduled yet, but I got my eyes on Brock Lesnar,” Cormier said.

“I may go to the WWE WrestleMania, and I may go cost him his title over there so he can hurry up and get to the UFC so I can beat him here.” 

White previously stated that the promotion is committed to making the Lesnar-Cormier fight happen in the UFC.

However, a pending doping case is preventing the heavyweight showdown from taking place as reports claimed that one of Lesnar’s five samples from entering the USADA testing pool last year has been removed from its database.

DC, on the other hand, has been a huge fan of WWE and has appeared in various WrestleMania events before. Does this mean the 40-year-old champ could end up barging in Lesnar’s WrestleMania 35 match on April 7?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Brock Lesnar and Youtube/UFC

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