Daniel Cormier Will Box Anthony Joshua On One Condition

Two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier has just 

Since laying hands on two belts simultaneously, various record-breaking fights have been proposed for his taking to add up to his impressive track. One of these is a boxing match against unified heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua.


No Chance 

Speaking to MMA Junkie on a recent appearance, the native of Louisiana was asked if there is any chance he would box against the king of stunning knockouts. DC answered in good faith, telling fans he wouldn’t want to square off against someone who’s great at a sport he is not.

“I mean, why would I want to go and fight these guys in a singular sport. I don’t want to go try to fight some dude in the sport that he’s best at. That’s like me asking Anthony Joshua to come and try to wrestle me or fight me in a mixed martial arts contest. He’d have no chance, just as I would have no chance (boxing) against Anthony Joshua.

“I don’t want to do that for nothing. I’m not going to do that for nothing.”


Ultra Competitive 

Contrarily, Joshua has previously welcomed crossover bouts against UFC stars Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou. The WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion has also drawn a formal callout from Stipe Miocic in the past.

Despite that, DC explained how smart of a fighter he is not to take a match he thinks he would lose. Apparently, the double-champ gives more importance to victory than money.

“I am ultra-competitive. Why would I put myself in a situation where there’s a 99 per cent chance that I’m going to lose? I’m not going out there to just lose. I want to win. And at the end of the day, I don’t think money is going to make me feel better about getting my ass kicked. I’m not doing that. I want to win. I like to win, and I just don’t know if that’s really possible.”

One Condition

However, he added one condition before finally closing doors on a battle against the British boxer. The dual-division champ revealed that he would only accept the match if Joshua will agree to meet him inside the Octagon as well.

“Now, I would do it if (Joshua) said, ‘OK, after we fight, I’ll fight you in the UFC.’ That’d be crazy. Then I’d be like, ‘OK, I’ll box you if you promise to fight me in the Octagon later.’ I’d want my get-back, dawg. Let me get my get-back.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Daniel Cormier and Instagram/Anthony Joshua

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