Video: Here’s What Dana White Looked Like When He Had Hair

Imagine the Ultimate Fighting Championship without Dana White.

The promotion chief, also known as the undisputed king of mixed martial arts, salvaged the MMA company from the brink of bankruptcy and turned it into a billion-dollar enterprise that it is today.

The success of UFC did not come in a silver platter nor did it happen with just one snap of the finger. A large part of it came from White’s blood, sweat, tears, and the ultimate sacrifice – his hair.

The Backbone 

With White at the helm, he managed to transform UFC into the biggest MMA promotion in the world today. When the Fertitta brothers, his childhood friends, installed him as the president 17 years ago, the Boston native became one of the backbones of UFC. Under his leadership, he was able to secure sanctioning for MMA bouts in Nevada, with Las Vegas serving as its main headquarters.

After almost two decades of taking charge, the promotion is now worth a staggering billion dollar and is home to major MMA fights in more than 170 countries. With its popularity, it has established a robust television and media presence that has touched millions of people in the world.

Despite the success, White says he is far from over.

“You always think that there’s gonna be that day when, if we get to this level, then we can kind of cruise a little bit and kick back, [but] there’s no cruise. There’s no kick back. This thing is just a beast and it just goes and goes and goes and goes.” (transcript from Forbes)

One of UFC’s recent feats was when it shattered the pay-per-view records at UFC 229 main event featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Based on estimates, the fight dubbed as the biggest in the promotion’s history scored a whopping 2.4 million PPV buys – the highest of all time in UFC.

No Hair, No Problem

White will go down in the history as the man who saved the UFC from bankruptcy. Aside from his strong charisma and brute force, one of the most remarkable things about the former boxer was his bald head.

It has been the biggest subject of taunts when UFC fighters and other detractors criticize him. Demetrious ‘The Mighty Mouse’ Johnson has called him a ‘bald clown’ while Mark Hunt has tagged him as a ‘bald-headed prick.’

But White does not give any care about these ad hominem remarks. Dana always means business and his track record will speak for the hard work he has put for the promotion.

But in case you wonder what Dana White looks like with a hair, watch his first interview as the promotion chief in the video below:

(Featured Image Source: ESPN/YouTube and Antizuffa/YouTube)

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