Dana White Savages Australian Show Host After Arguing During Live Interview

UFC President Dana White blasted Waleed Aly for his antics during an interview with the promotion chief on the Tuesday’s episode of The Project. 

White visited the Channel 10 show to promote a pair of UFC events that Australia will be hosting next month and in 2019, but his interview did not go as planned as the majority of his time was spent defending his company during Aly’s surprise interrogation.

The next day, White appeared at the GQ Magazine Man of the Year awards and fired back on the co-host for, what White considered as a ‘stupid and ridiculous’ interview.

Out Of Place

The 49-year old fight-maker flew to Australia to attend the GQ Magazine Man of the Year awards and to promote the upcoming UFC Fight Night 142 in Adelaide and the UFC 234, which will be held in Melbourne early next year, with the country’s very own Robert Whittaker starring on its main card.

In his TV appearance, White was caught off-guard when Aly of The Project questioned the UFC’s handling of the infamous bus incident last April and controversial UFC 229 post-fight fracas last month. The co-host also accused the promotion as the force behind McGregor’s attack, where he threw a dolly into a bus carrying a load of fighters including KhabibNurmagomedov.

“You don’t suspend them, you don’t do anything. In the bus situation where McGregor’s attacking that bus, there’s high def cameras ready to capture it so the vision is great. It just looks like you’re all over this.”

An irate White replied, “But do you understand, he (McGregor) got arrested … he went to jail! He had to go before the New York Attorney-General. So they already took care of it, what am I going to do? What’s a suspension going to do? He was suspended, he couldn’t fight because he was in jail!”


MMA fans and Australian viewers have slammed Aly for disrespecting the UFC boss in national television instead of helping White in promotiong the upcoming UFC events. Some called him absolute disgrace, an absolute wanker, a national embarassment and a cancer of the Australian TV.

When it was White’s turn to savage the Australian show host, he said that Aly tried to be an a**hole when he claimed that the UFC was behind McGregor’s bus attack.

“I don’t think it was tedious, I think it was stupid and ridiculous. I think for anybody who would think that that was set up, that we would take our biggest star, get him arrested and get him kicked out of the state of New York — the guy can’t fight in the state of New York any more, which is the biggest gate we ever did with Conor McGregor, which was $18 million. To even say something like that, you’re completely uneducated about the sport and you’re just trying to be an a**hole.”

In case you haven’t watched the interview, see it in the video below:

In another interview with Fox Sports AU, White cleared that the Nevada State Athletic Commission would strip the UFC’s license if they set up such dangerous stunt.

“I was just like, ‘Are you guys serious? I can’t even believe that you would consider that is true. It happens when you talk to really uneducated people; people who are uneducated about the sport.”

(Featured Image Source: BT Sport/YouTube and Isaac Butterfield/YouTube)

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