Dana White Calls Himself ‘The Most Upset Guy On The Planet’ After UFC 229 Brawl

The main event of UFC 229 was historical for various reasons. 

The gigantic clash featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor achieved rare milestones as it became the second largest gate in UFC history and the highest pay-per-view record of all time at an estimate of 2.4 million buys.

Three weeks had passed and it still continued to rewrite history. The promotion executive Dana White went down as the ‘most upset guy in the planet,’ (at least for one day), following the chaotic post-fight brawl. Or was he really?

Black Day For The Sport

To give you a refresher, the ‘biggest fight in UFC history’ turned into a ‘black day for the sport’ as the event was marred with chaos after reigning champion Khabib Nurmagomedov attacked Dillon Danis outside the cage, following a nasty submission of challenger Conor McGregor.

UFC President Dana White has decided to cut Khabib’s teammate Zubaira Tukhugov after he attacked the Irish star in the Octagon. Tukhugov is set to lock horns with McGregor teammate Artem Lobov this week but will no longer see action in the bout after his involvement in the incident.

Meanwhile, the Nevada State Athletic Commission decided to freeze Nurmagomedov’s $2 million paycheck and his manager’s 10 per cent cut until the investigation into the brawl is completed. The commission has also served a temporary suspension to both Khabib and Conor, while a hearing today will determine the severity of the punishment. 

The Dagestan phenom has threatened to quit the UFC if it stands firmly with its decision to cut his teammate. White, meanwhile, insisted that all is well now between the promotion and the Russian star although he did not provide further details about Tukhogov’s fate.

‘That’s Not Who We Are’

18 days gone and the promotion chief has yet to exorcise the ghost of the ugly UFC 229 fracas. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, White expressed his dismay and called himself the most upset guy on the planet after the biggest moment in UFC was tainted with the chaotic brawl.

“For me personally, all the work I put that I put into this the last 20 years of my life… I didn’t want to see it go down like that. I was upset about it. I was the only one. The rest of the world could care less.”

“For me, it was just our biggest moment, the most people watching ever, and that’s just not who we are. And it’s not even who Khabib is. He said many time after the fight that he went crazy after the fight and it happens sometimes. This is the fight business.

“But yeah, I was the most upset guy on the planet after that fight. Nobody else cared.”

‘A black day for our sport,’ ‘the most upset guy in the planet,’ you can expect these to come out from the promotion’s chief’s mouth. Just like when he described the infamous bus attack last April as the ‘most disgusting thing in UFC.’

It was really disgusting to the point he used the bus incident footage in the promotion of the Khabib vs Conor fight. So today, he is the most upset. But if the time comes when the UFC markets the rematch, expect White to set aside his disgust as he will be happy to include the UFC 229 brawl footage in its promotion.

It is already cast in stones.

(Featured Image Source: Hoidy/Twitter and ESPN/YouTube)

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