Dana White Announces Meeting With Conor McGregor: “He’s Not Retired”

Dana White is not convinced that Conor McGregor is done with mixed martial arts for good. Now, he is thinking of possible ways that could make the promotion’s biggest draw fight at the UFC cage again. 

McGregor has decided to call it a career last month after White denied him of company ownership.

The former two-weight champ has been vocal on his desire to own shares at the Nevada-based promotion. He said he is willing to take a co-main event slot in exchange of UFC stakes.

However, the promotion’s top chief insisted it is not going to happen.

But White remains confident that the organisation’s relationship with McGregor is still a going concern.

In a recent appearance at the 8 Las Vegas, White stressed McGregor wouldn’t stay retired for long. He claimed that a meeting with McGregor is scheduled in the next couple of weeks to settle things that will make the Irishman happy.

Dana White Announces Meeting With Conor McGregor: "He's Not Retired"
(Photo: Instagram/Conor McGregor)

‘It Makes Sense’

Everyone thought that the UFC president would cry like a baby when he lost his company’s biggest cash cow due to retirement.

Instead, White respected McGregor’s decision and said he is lookinf forward to seeing him reach success outside his fighting career. (Quotes from MMA Junkie)

“He has the money to retire, and his whiskey is KILLIN’ it.”

“It totally makes sense. If I was him, I would retire too. He’s retiring from fighting, not from working.”

“The whiskey will keep him busy, and I’m sure he has other things he’s working on.”

“He has been so fun to watch. He has accomplished incredible things in this sport.”

“I am so happy for him, and I look forward to seeing him be as successful outside of the Octagon as he was in it.”

Other Ways

McGregor is no doubt the UFC’s biggest draw. He starred in the promotion’s three highest grossing pay-per-view events.

It will be a massive blow for the UFC if it does not have the Irishman in one of its PPV events this year.

This is why White is looking for other options that would make McGregor happy aside from granting him company ownership.

He confirmed in a recent interview with 8 Las Vegas that he will be soon having a face-to-face meeting with Conor to talk things over.

“No (he’s not retired) I think there’s some things that Conor wants.”

“I think that Conor wants to get together, face-to-face, he and I, and we probably will in the next couple of weeks to get this thing figured out.”

“He’s stuck on this thing where he wants a piece of the ownership. I think there’s other ways we can make him happy.”

McGregor last fought at UFC 229 in October.

He absorbed his second straight defeat in two years after a fourth-round submission loss to lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Prior to his retirement last month, he called for a rematch with his Russian rival.

Who do you think McGregor will face next?

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/8 Las Vegas and ESPN)

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