Reporter Asks Dana White What Happens If Jon Jones Fails Another Steroid Test


 After the bout, White laid out some interesting words on “Bones'” drug testing issues.

Drug Tests

During the post-fight press conference of Saturday night’s bout, one of the reporters clarified this issue from the UFC boss himself. White explained in Layman’s term:

“Well, so here’s what happens, you know all the stuff that happened before this, the testing and all the stuff. They tested him in California, but there are drug tests the night of the fight too…”

“The difference is when you’re in competition, they usually test for recreational drugs too — marijuana, cocaine and all these different things. Jon Jones’ future depends on a lot of different drug testing.”

“This guy needs to keep passing drug tests, he needs to stay clean, stay straight, keep training, stay in the gym, keep winning and this guy can completely turn his life around.”

Reporter Asks Dana

The member of the press followed up her question asking what the MMA promoter would do if the new light heavyweight champ tests positive of drugs again.

“So what would happen if he didn’t pass a test after tonight?”

Dana clearly said: “I’m gonna kill myself.”

Stretching the humour, the female reported responded: “I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

The UFC boss knows what it means to be the head of the most prestigious MMA promotion saying, “Thanks, Ma’am, some other people in here would.”

Prior to the fight, then-first-ranked light heavyweight contender promised to shut down all the naysayers on his UFC 232 comeback.



Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jon Jones and Youtube/UFC

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