Dying Kitten Gets Saved by an Unlikely Friend Who’s Supposed to be Her Predator

An elderly couple was looking out their window on a normal day when they saw an act of love that will have a space in their hearts for a thousand more years. A crow plunged down to grab a dying kitten, not to prey on it but to revive it back to life!

Dying Kitten Gets Saved by an Unlikely Friend Who's Supposed to be Her Predator

It was a usual morning for the Collitos when they discovered something lying in their yard. It was small and dark so they confused it with a dead rat.

Noticing its black fur, the elderly couple decided to take a closer look and walk towards it outside the house. Unfortunately, they were not able to do so because another animal is trying to get a chance at it.

While still looking out the window, the couple saw a feathered black creature looking closely at this lying dead rat by the fence.

It turned out that it was a crow who seem to wait for the right opportunity to attack its prey.

The couple knew that they couldn’t get out of the house in time to prevent the strike. What they did was intently watch and hope no animal will get harmed.

To their surprise, the crow did swoop in to grab the little animal which turned out to be a kitten… and it’s still alive!

For a moment, they were horrified and felt really bad for the poor kitten. But something happened before their eyes and it was unbelievable: the crow sat the little cat on the ground and it sat up!

It stood beside the cat and grunted as if to tell other animals to leave the frail kitten alone.


And for the most part of it, the crow started hunting worms to feed the little feline! The cat eventually regained strength after a while, thanks to its unlikely friend who’s supposed to be its predator.

The crow even cawed at the cat to prevent it from running in the street. Incredible things happen every day!

Dying Kitten Gets Saved by an Unlikely Friend Who's Supposed to be Her Predator

Lending a helping hand, the Callitos eventually invited the kitten in and named her Cassie. This didn’t bar her from being friends with her feathered life-saver though.

Each morning, the couple lets Cassie out to play with the crow. This odd friendship truly defies even the standards of Zoology.

Watch to amaze yourself more!


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