Cris Cyborg Upset At How She Was Treated After UFC 232 Loss

Cris Cyborg was tagged as the baddest woman on the planet until Amanda Nunes ended her 13-year undefeated reign on Saturday night. Apparently, she wasn’t happy about not having her moment to address the loss inside the Octagon at UFC 232. 


A Game


 Despite the disappointing loss, Cyborg accepted that it simply was not her night.



However, Cyborg was upset after all the attention was given to the featherweight challenger inside the Octagon. When asked if she deserved an immediate rematch, the former female champ said that what she deserved more than anything was a post-fight interview in the cage.

“They just kicked me out of the cage. I think (it’s) very bad, very disrespectful because I did a lot for the sport. I was supposed to say hello to my fans and talk to them, I think it’s not right.”

“But OK, they did, (it’s) already done, I can go (to the) media and talk to my fans, say how I appreciate them, how them coming to the cage to watch my fight, all Cyborg Nation here to watch me. It’s OK, I just feel like I’m supposed to say something. Two Brazilian fighters, two champions. That’s it.”

Have Faith

In the end, with the microphone in her hand, Cyborg took the opportunity to send her utmost gratitude to the fans, saying she will continue to be a champion.

“I wanna say thank you for all my fans (for coming to California). I always try being the champion in the hearts of everybody, give them hope, because people (who) follow me know how hard it was for me and I never showed them I’m quitting, I’m weak, I never showed that.”

“But I’m a human being, I have my mistakes, I have a lot of things like everybody here, and I showed them it doesn’t matter you gonna fall, you gonna stand up on your feet and get in there. You just have to believe and have faith.” 

Cris Cyborg Upset At How She Was Treated After UFC 232 Loss
Source: Twitter/UFC

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